Rising up the evil stakes

David P Farrar

Wellington correspondent David P. Farrar joins us with his high rating kiwiblog

nullMyanmar’s Government is rapidly rising up the evil stakes with its response to the cyclone. It was bad enough that it is blocking much aid from coming in, but now it seems it is stealing any good food which gets through, and letting its citizens dine out on rotten food.

Even reasonably repressive regimes such as Iran put aside politics when faced with a national disaster. I recall Iran allowing US search and rescue teams in after one bad earthquake.

It is Myanmar incidentally which has a NZ SOE - Kordia, helping the Government build cellphone towers. Surely this latest incident suggests it is time to put Myanmar on the blacklist.null

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  • philip says
    Putting Myanmar on the blacklist?! What is it, the moral police? Sure what they did may be wrong, but is it really our right to punish them?

    Looking at it from another angle.. How does putting them on our blacklist help? If they can ignore aid when thousands of people are dying, why would they care about whether they're on our blacklist?

    Where our responsibility to be the wiser and mature party? Is washing our hands off them the solution? Is making a statement saying "we do not associate with you anymore" a solution? How can we transform them? How can we make a difference?

    It is my hope that we would go beyond sitting back and judging people. It is my prayer that we would stop playing "politics" ourselves!
  • Phillis says
    Why is anyone surprised at the behaviour of the Myanmar government? Any and all military Junta tend to act this way; it is just another way of dictating power and control over the masses. Mugabe took 20 years to get to their total rack and ruin, Myanmar had a cyclone and took 20 hours. In my opinion, the situation is absolutely appalling and I agree with Philip Mason when he says blacklisting simply hurts no one. Maybe the poms are right , take the bull by the balls and have military intervention to get aid through??? it's an option!
  • Evan says
    Lol Phillis. What you're bascially suggesting is a war, which cannot in any way be good for the world.

    The next world war would most likely result in destruction far greater than any oppression in any Myanmar like country would be.

    Better to have half of Myanmar dead than the whole world dying.

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