Upfront and personal with Sven Schroeter

Getting upfront and personal with complete strangers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for German ex-pat, Sven Schroeter it’s all in a day’s work.

Sven is a photographer who specialises in portrait and street imagery. Pounding the pavement, Sven hunts for unique and interesting characters. He finds a stream of self-expression on the streets, with unique imagery lurking around every corner.

As a FujiFilm X-Photographer Sven gets to put his skills to work using the latest mirrorless cameras. Making the move to this smaller, lighter and less intrusive photographic system helps Sven capture candid, close-quarter portraits.

Originally coming from Dusseldorf, Germany what’s special about being a photographer in New Zealand?

Having made New Zealand my home for two decades I consider myself a fully-fledged Kiwi. But since making the move I’ve been admiring the country’s vast coastal landscapes and scenic colours. I take full advantage of all the outdoor opportunities New Zealand has to offer.

What’s your take on being a photographer in a digital world?

I believe photography is meant to be shared, hording images on your computer doesn’t progress or develop our art or the individual. Photographers should share their work whether it be in print or online, so everyone can enjoy the imagery we passionately seek and create.

You were one of the first photographers in New Zealand to get you hands on the highly anticipated Fujifilm X-Pro2? How did you find it?

There’s always a lot of self-imposed pressure when handling a camera with this much hype surrounding its release. I wanted to create something unique, push the boundaries and test the limits of the camera. My aim was to take striking portraits of characters who pursue a unique form of self expression. 

The primary reason I love X-Series mirrorless cameras is to get away from lugging big, heavy kit on my back when wandering the streets. A camera you don’t enjoy using, and one which gets in the way, is always left at home gathering dust. The XPro2 is not one of those cameras. The XPro2 starts quick and the new super precise focus system is sublime. It gives great colour, highlight and shadow recovery and the ability to print even bigger all while having a ton of fun.

At the end of the day there are really only two things which I look for in a camera body, how much fun is it to use and how well do the files print. The X-Pro2 ticks both boxes and a whole lot of others! 

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