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Stuart Macadam

Stuart Macadam is a contributing editor to Getfrank. With a focus on entertainment, he enjoys watching the latest movies, reading the latest books and discovering the latest and greatest technological innovations.

Mind Power expert Robin Banks will be running two free introduction seminars and a four week course, in Auckland in October. Please see www.robinbanks.co.za for more details

1) How do you define success?

Everyone defines success in their own way according to their particular values and priorities. There is no right and wrong, however I think it’s essential to know what your values and priorities are and have them clearly defined so you can assess if you’re succeeding in Life. For me Success is living a Healthy, Happy and Abundant lifestyle, in which I can do what I want when I want with whomever I want, to live a meaningful life of contribution and transformation and ensuring that people’s lives are enhanced as a result of my presence.

2) What kind of mindset do successful people have which many ordinary folk don't?
One of my current favourite quotes is by Robin Sharma, “Successful people have big libraries, ordinary people have big TV’s”. Successful people are always hungry for more and are on a path of constant growth and development. If you truly want to achieve Great Success, you’ve got to be hungry, not in an overzealous way but in a clear focused and deliberate way. Clarity is power, you must know what you want before you can get it. Ordinary people have no idea what they want, they know what they don’t want and complain about not having it, as opposed to focusing on what they do want and making it happen, which is exactly what successful people do.

3) Is self doubt the biggest obstacle in not achieving a goal?
Most definitely, believing in yourself is essential. Another favourite quote I love is “If you had a best friend who spoke to you the way you sometimes speak to yourself, would they still be your best friend?”. I love that quote, often the people that are hardest on us is ourselves and we need to be our own best friends and speak to ourselves with words of praise and acknowledgement. 

4) Any tips which you can offer to men who are pursuing after a big goal or dream?
Having a goal and knowing what you want is the first and most important step. Create a clear mental picture of what life would look and feel like once that goal has been accomplished, make it real NOW! The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined the conscious mind knows it’s not real, but it is the subconscious mind which is the great manifestor and it learns through repetition and drama, So see the images daily and feel the emotions as if you have already achieved that goal! One of my favourite affirmations is “I always achieve my goals”, say that with passion for 5 minutes everyday.

5) Who are some of the most inspirational people that you have met?
I’ve been extremely blessed that many of the people I look up to and admire I’ve now had the privilege of sharing a stage with, Richard Branson who is the most humble extraordinary man, John Kehoe who’s knowledge and understanding of the Mind continues to inspire me. John Demartini has the most incredible depth and knowledge of the human psyche. Tony Robbin’s is the most incredible coach I’ve ever seen. There are so many, however as with most of us, it’s not really the famous ones but those who were close to us. This might sound cliché but my parents were a great source of inspiration to me. We certainly didn’t have an ideal family, I’m not sure there’s such a thing. We had the family challenges most families do, but I now see so many gifts, which my parents have passed on to me. My father was the epitome of Mind Power. He used to smoke 70 cigarettes a day for 30 years and stopped cold turkey. He never got sick and was a hard working man. My mother is a deeply spiritual woman and taught me to believe in myself from a young age, she constantly told me I’d go far and make the world a better place. Those are my real heroes and I’m deeply inspired by them.

6) What are some of the topics which you cover in your seminars?
The main focus of my seminars is to teach people techniques to harness the power of thought, Every morning you wake up with unlimited power, the power to think whatever thought you choose, nobody tells you what to think and your mind is like a garden of rich fertile soil, any seed you sow, nourish and care for will grow. In the exact same way your mind doesn’t care what thoughts you think, it will manifest whatever you desire. Your job is to become the master of your thoughts. By consciously choosing your thoughts you create your life! 

7) Do you often hear about the success stories from people who have been inspired at one of you seminars?
Without a doubt the most satisfying aspect of my work is the constant feedback we receive on the effectiveness of Mind Power. Over the years I’ve heard the most incredible stories, most people make lots of money and produce financial success. However the most touching stories are the ones of people who have healed themselves from so called incurable illnesses, people who have attracted meaningful relationships or found their calling in life. I’m often asked who my seminars are catered for, “Anyone who has a mind”. The beauty of this technology is that you can use your mind for whatever purpose you desire, your mind is a magnificent servant, but it is a terrible master and it thrives with discipline and routine. It wants to be productive and needs to think thoughts, if you don’t feed it it’ll feed itself and unfortunately our environment is negatively oriented. So it is vital that you direct and control your mind.

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