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‘Its not far away, its not far away. There’s a shining coffin for you to rot in and waste your days, it not far away’ cranks my everlasting amp up band Pennywise. Our thumping theme tune is in effect and bang on, as us five lads kick back frothing, psyched and wired with the upcoming Indonesian ecstasy now just a nine hour Pacific Blue flight away.


/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2Zhcm01LnN0YXRpYy5mbGlja3IuY29tLzQwNDgvNDY4NjE0MjA1Ml80ZDY4NDhhNWM2X2IuanBnWith an 8am Whiskey in hand we salute & send commiserations to our pussy whipped comrades currently curtain shopping back home, we promise we won’t gloat too much lads, yeah whatever, ha-ha, here goes!

Dawn day one brought celebratory Bintang morning head bangs to one and all, yet still our euphoric amp up was contagious to all those dining hotel breakfast, ocean side style around us. Fizzing with fanaticism a glassy four foot set peels right off the inner reef whilst concurrently our guided first day chariot cruises in for pickup. Oh so soon our we’d be soaking up the energy, the culture & fully embracing Indonesian tradition & cuisine. Peter Cox from ‘Surf travel Online’ was our host, guide, local ripper and compadre for the next two days, showing us a few uncrowded surf spots, identifying areas & roads less seen. To further unwind beachfront top to toe fully body rubdowns just on dusk helped welcome in nightfall where a whole new procession of wild times could and would be had!

A Liquorice Allsorts group we were for sure, The ‘Pharaoh’, Lawless, Jiggy Jeff, GG and Boofee line up for Indo 09, a collection of down right dirty, skanking and charging ferrels up for good times all the time. A diverse bunch you could say with an ever-lasting story, tale or action to outdo and shame the previously spoken wrongdoing were always on hand! Our combined quiver was just as abnormal inclusive of your usual indo short boards (Felix Dickson you’re the Guru), performance 9’0 long boards and a Starboard 10’3 ‘Gun’ SUP to fire up in any possible situation granted to us.

Sri Noa Noa

After a couple Bali land based loosening up days we headed for our new abode for the next 6 days, a cosy, slick and spotlessly clean teak & ironwood construction twin masted schooner. Built in Benoa in 1977 by ex-Americas Cup sailor Philippe Petiniaud the local design (straight keel and shallow draft) allowed slick access to all lagoons and other sheltered areas, allowing us up close and personal to all the upcoming action. Our captain Heri, has 10+ years experience operating the Sri Noa Noa between Bali & Timor. The seas throughout this region are his back yard. He knows all the tide, wind and swell conditions for each break, ensuring we surf the best waves. Wayan (chef) and Yosi (deck hand and runabout driver) ensure we barely have to lift a finger.


This trip took us to the following islands and breaks east of Bali including:


Nusa Lembongan: Shipwrecks, Lacerations and Playgrounds?

Lombok: Desert Point and all breaks along the south coast including Belongas, Maui & Ekas.

West Sumbawa: Scar Reef, Super Suck, Yo-Yo's plus others.

We were to wake from our first nights ingloriously squid fisherman interrupted sleep aboard our yacht Sri Noa Noa to a profusion of overwhelming picture perfect combos, linked in supreme harmony. Anchored at the southwest tip of Lombok, we awoke to a fragrant combo of freshly brewed & bottomless Bali coffee from the Billie, eggs & crispy bacon plus Desert Point just off our starboard bow. Thankfully these aromas lay to rest the Nasi Goreng & Satay saturated Hot Box, which below deck had humorously become.


/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2Zhcm01LnN0YXRpYy5mbGlja3IuY29tLzQwMzYvNDY4NTUwOTY2N19iZjk1ZGJmN2E3X2IuanBn Desert Point on its day is absolutely world class yet regrettably 80+ globetrotters can also be experiencing it when filthy & firing!! The swell was coming, oh yes, so very soon she’d grace its goodness, we knew that for sure!!! Currently though 1-foot lines were the set waves, as a 24 hour wait was required. A quick nature inspired SUP cruise along the coast before we bailed allowed exploration and a quick grasp of the setup for our return in a few days. We pulled up anchor, cranked out the tunes, cracked some Duty Free & set sail for Scar Reef for what was to be the trips most memorable session!

Scar reef shows itself clearly from a distance; the swell was accelerating into 3rd gear, the tide would soon be faultless, & sets of 5 began to rip through, all with a caressing offshore airbrushing each hollow masterpiece. The gallery consists of 3 large boats, 2 floating hostels, 7 tenders and 30 chargers in the line-up. Brazilian honey pots, cameramen and videographers line the channel hoping to snap WCT charger Mick Campbell & Co absolutely owning it! The titles of ‘King Ding a Ling’  & ‘Johnny Big Bananas’ were there to be claimed by those who paddled in deepest & got slotted the longest. It was to be our heaviest day of the entire trip, a solid 6+ foot that shacked those with pure precision but happily spanked hard those not in the zone. Reverence replaced our usual rapturous antics as we waxed and limbered up. ‘O face’ on, this is exactly what we came for!


The Pharaoh bombed the big boys on his 9’2, Lawless slayed it with his usual Cleo Bachelor finesse, Boofee sat deep & charged wide for set waves on his Starboard 10’3 SUP whilst Jiggy, GG & Ben sat stealth like picking off slick glory boys from the numerous inside shut downs that the incoming tide started to bring. A snapped board & paddle, coral head gouged shoulders & back simply ramped up our rapture as yet another ultimate Indo anthology was banked.


Big ups lads, no excuses, no dramas just dreaming it, chasing it, then scoring it; Happy endings all around!!! Together all back on deck Jiggy quickly piped up a verse, which spoke volumes & stuck strong; ‘Cheers to you lads for making this trip possible for yourselves’. A stunning Sumbawa sunset fittingly serenaded the Sri Noa Noa whilst another ice cold ‘Bin Bang’ was sucked back.  Soon with the sun completely set, we’d crash out and Skip would sail through the night in search of another day at Disneyland. So cheers once more fellas, another epic episode of clinching the moment and as per usual ‘Livin it & Lovin it’ each and every day!


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  • Chris says
    Surfed around Bali & fave spot was Nusa Lombongan... haven't done a boat trip though. Cool thing is that these days there are some great skateparks over there too now!
  • gavin says
    Looks like an Epic trip! Gotta love the warm water, hot chicks, smokin waves and cold brews combo!
  • Millie says
    Holy moley! What a man and what a mission! I hope he writes a book - it would be an undoubtably awesome read.
  • Prettyboy says
    Awesome shopping at the supermarket!. great to see you just got the essentials.

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