The Art of Seduction

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Seduction can be an art, whether you’re trying to seduce a sexy blonde that you’ve spotted at the bar, or trying to seduce your lady into the bedroom. While every woman is unique, there are some key things that you can do to make that seduction more likely to be successful.

Let your body do the talking

Body language is a huge part of communicating and is especially important if you’re trying to hook-up with a girl. Use your eyes to make her feel sexy and interesting; that doesn’t mean giving her ‘the look’ from head to toe or staring at her chest, it means looking into her eyes whilst talking and listening, make her feel like she’s got your undivided attention. You also need to ensure that your body language is open – don’t stand with your arms folded tightly across you chest – being open will send out the desired signals! And don’t forget to smile, smiles can be incredibly sexy and also show that you’re happy right where you are – try to avoid toothy grins and go more for a more subtle smile that makes you look less like The Joker. Try to read how she is responding, if she starts to lean into you, lean into her too – but beware - there’s a fine line between expressing interest and being lecherous!

Set the mood

If you are in a situation where you can control the atmosphere, for example at home or when choosing the location for a first date, soft lighting like candlelight and some romantic music is a great start.

Be confident

It’s important that you are confident when trying to be a master of seduction. Although it can be hard to stop yourself, being nervous and jittery isn’t going to give off the right signals. Relax, be yourself and be honest with the woman you are trying to ‘woo’.  Ultimately, you want her to be attracted to the ‘real’ you, so don’t try and pretend to be something you are not.

The lady loves…. compliments

Compliment the lady that you are trying to seduce, let her know that you love the way she looks or the way her perfume smells – your compliments should be honest, sincere and genuine. But be careful, you could end up making her feel uncomfortable if you over do it.

Be touchy feely

Touch can be a powerful seduction tool. A great massage could see you touching your way into the bedroom, invest in some massage oils, make her comfortable and let the seduction begin, do it right and you could move seamlessly into sex. If you’ve just met someone, a massage is probably out of the question but using a series of seemingly innocent touches will help you on you path to seduction – touch her hands, elbow or shoulder as you’re talking and this should help get the message that you are interested across and hopefully get her wanting more.

Rhythm’s going to get her

Dancing can be very sensual and great foreplay for her. But be honest with yourself, if you’re not a good or confident dancer (i.e. your best moves look more like the robot than Patrick Swayze) it might be best to give this a miss. Remember to keep it at just dancing – rubbing your crotch up against your dance partner like a dog on heat just isn’t cool!

So there you have it, hopefully that will help to improve your seduction technique - have fun practising!

Take Care, Sarah Gibson at

P.S. If there’s anything about sex that you’d like to ask, or a discussion you’d like to start just email me and I’ll do my best to write about it for you here at

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