Top 20 things to do with a naked woman – Part 1

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

So, she’s naked, standing in front of you – do you a) try your same old, same old boring sex moves or do you b) try out our top 20 fresh new ideas to blow her mind!  If you answer is B…. keep reading and we will fill you in, with this 2 part series.

It's been a long night in New York city...

Tip 20 – Focus on her back…

No, not her butt, her back…. You probably focus most of your attention on her front, that you neglect this greatly sensitive area!  Stand behind her, kiss the nape of her neck, slowly moving down her spine…. Standing behind her also allows you to reach around and cup her breasts to manually stimulate her! 

Tip 19 – show her who is boss

Simply slide her up against the wall, and spread her legs using your knee.  Pressing your thigh up against her crutch, starts the feeling of general clitoral stimulation - the process of seduction is underway!

Tip 18 - Always send the right message

By grabbing one of her butt cheeks with your hand, and using the other to cradle her face sends two important messages – one that you find her amazingly attractive that that you love watching her and the other tells her that you simply want to rip her clothes off and take her right then and there!

Tip 17 – Touch her ‘unknown’ hot spot

By placing both your thumbs on either side of her vajayjay and rubbing the area in small circles without actually inserting your fingers inside her, she will start to quiver!  Add an extra element by adding Durex Play O clitoris stimulation gel…Remember this whole area is filled with nerve endings, so all touch, rubbing and stimulating her is a great warm up to the next treat – oral sex!

Tip 16 – Lube her up

Remember that everything is smoother when it is lubed up.  Be liberal – and remember lubricant can definitely add to the experience. Try a Tingling lubeFlavoured lube or warming lube!  Take a dollop and rub it around the opening to her vagina.

 Tip 15 – Allow a bit of pain with that pleasure

When aroused, women have different pain tolerance levels – once you understand hers - take advantage of this by giving her inner thighs a few love bites.  If your game, you can wrestle with her nipples a little or even give her labia’s a quick nibble!  A great starter before oral sex!

Tip 14 – Deprive her

Get a little kinky by blindfolding her – removing this sense will ensure that all her others will be heightened!  By using a sexy satin blindfoldit softly covers their eyes, keeping your lover in a pleasurable state of darkness and anticipation that heightens their sexual desire

Tip 13 – Allow her to watch

Not only do you love visual stimulation – but so does she!  Women get incredibly turned on by seeing themselves being turned on!  Get a mirror placed next to the bed and ensure you assume positions that allow her to watch her own reflection the whole time - we recommend doggie style or girl-on-top!

Tip 12 – Treat her to double the fun

With one hand, use two fingers to stroke her clitoris in circles. And with the other, insert your pointer finger palm-up inside her. Find the spot about an inch or two inside her along the front wall that feels spongy or puckered, and use a come-hither motion. It may take some time to pull off this ambidextrous manoeuvre, but knowing that you can give her that kind of pleasure will be worth the effort.

Tip 11 – let your big boy be her sex toy

During sex, pull out and use the tip of your penis to stimulate her clitoris. Guide her hand to your member and place it on your shaft so she can control how to use it on herself – you might feel like a sex object, but hey I know you won’t mind!

Soo, that is the first 10 tips in our 2 part series – tune in next week for the last 10!!!

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  • Holy hell, I'm taking the rest of the day off.... WOMAN???? COME HITHER!!!
    • New Member says
      can i have sex with ur gf
    • shiny says
      some excellent ideas sarah with one problem that I can foresee, '...she’s naked, standing in front of you....'
      • Sarah G says
        Oh come on, i know that even if it hasn't happened yet... it will! good things take time. Sarah xx
        • shiny says
          yep thanks for the encouragement, i was meaning that the other half, quickly jumps into bed.(its winter) i think perhaps she is not the exhabitionist type either.
        • Hey Sarah, my girlfriend asks when she's going to see the results of Part 2...
        • New Member says
          Thanks for using the image. Always interesting to see where they end up. I'd be curious to know your thoughts on "An open letter to women 1,2,3&4.

          Rj Dollen
          • JasonMantis says
            An open letter to women? Where can I read this?
          • New Member says
            hey its u.v....
          • New Member says
            i had lose of time touching my gf we want more i am getting married we have new positons everyday is so much fun she is so sexy
            • New Member says
              2 bad 4 u i have sex everyday with my gf
            • New Member says
              i had lose of time touching my gf we want more i am getting married we have new positons everyday is so much fun she is so sexy
            • New Member says
              i had lose of time touching my gf we want more i am getting married we have new positons everyday is so much fun she is so sexy
            • New Member says
              Wow im gonna have sex with your wife now
            • New Member says
              Wat of if she a virgin and dont like sex
              • New Member says
                still have sex with her

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