Sex Positions to Enhance Intimacy

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

In established relationships it is often the case that lovemaking becomes repetitive. You’ve probably adopted a tried and tested routine because you know that it’ll leave you both satisfied afterwards – and that’s perfectly natural. But to keep things exciting, sometimes you need to take a break from the norm and try out something new; and that means venturing away from the trusty old missionary position. Below are four sexual positions to enhance intimacy during lovemaking.

Legs Intertwined

Face-to-face positions tend to be more intimate and meaningful than those where the man approaches from behind; this is because you can kiss, look into each other’s eyes and whisper loving words. This first position ‘legs intertwined’ is particularly sensual and tender.
To move into it you should both lay on your side with your legs outstretched, your partner should then lift her upper leg and place it on top of your leg – bending it slightly. You can then enter her deeply and pull her towards you by grasping her hip. By pulling her and then letting her go a little, she will rock on and off you penis.

Sexy Crush

This next position is a variation of missionary; your partner should lie back and raise her legs high in the air so that, when kneeling, you find it easy to penetrate her.  Once inside her, you can relax and let your weight down on your elbows, lowering your body so it is resting on hers. Like the legs intertwined position the close body contact, eye contact and ability to kiss passionately enhances the intimacy. This is quite a submissive pose for her, because her legs are raised helplessly above your shoulders, so it works best for couples in a trusting relationship. Just be aware that if you are considerably heavier than your partner, you will need to take more of your weight on your arms to prevent actually crushing her.

Lover’s Grip

This is an intensely intimate position and you can easily switch to it if ‘sexy crush’ becomes too overwhelming for either one of you. To move from sexy crush into this position, simply lift yourself up, sit back on your heels and then use your hands to caress her thighs, breast and clitoris. If you are moving straight into ‘lover’s grip’ then kneel down, place one of her legs over each of your shoulders and have your partner lie on her back; raise her hips slightly to penetrate her. Vary the angle of penetration for deeply pleasurable sensations.

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To adopt the ‘sexy snug’ position, sit on the floor with your knees bent wide open and invite your partner to sit with her legs over your thighs and her feet on the floor. Pull your partner close to enable you to penetrate her. This position gives just enough stimulation to maintain arousal, and while it may not result in orgasm for either of you, you’ll enjoy gently rocking in tandem while kissing, caressing and gazing into your partner’s eyes.

If you would like more inspiration for new sexual positions that enhance intimacy, check out Anne Hooper’s Ultimate Sex Positions. There are over 100 positions, from erotic embraces to acrobatic ecstasy, and each one has real life photo to show you exactly what to do.

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  • Raymond says
    Legs Intertwined : Not Bad
    Face-to-face positions : Still The Best
    Sexy Crush : Yummy
    Sexy Snug : Nice
    Doggy Style : Yummy and best of ALLLL

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