Oh is for oral

Michelle Rocard

Okay so here it is finally … your guide to her coming first!

First up, and I know some of you don’t want to hear this, but romance comes first. Yeah yeah, yeah! I know you’d rather get down and dirty first, but there is a lot to be said about setting a scene. Text her, tell her how much she does it for you and how you really want to pleasure her first. Make her feel like you desire every inch of her from your every pore.

Make a date. You might like to run a bath for her and wash her, keeping away from her girly bits! This builds the tension between her legs. (Remember, one of the major keys to good sex is that it’s all about the tease – in terms of building up tension. The longer, and / or more intensely you can promise a release, without delivering it, the more intense that release is going to be when it finally arrives). The bath also ensures that she is clean, if you are worried about taste.

Once you’ve finished using washing her as an excuse to languidly stroke her entire body, dry her - avoiding going between her legs; that said placing pressure on the pubic mound can be exciting for her.

Move to the bedroom, leading her to the bed.

Lay her down comfortably, then start kissing her passionately while running your hands all over her body, brushing over her mons pubis area. Remember to keep away from her clitoris at all times: this builds the tension!

Now make sure she is comfortable, bringing her knees up slightly and legs apart. Now pay special attention to the labia majora making light brushing strokes with your hands. Don’t touch the clitoris just yet!

Move yourself between her legs, then start moving your head down towards her vagina… Butterfly kisses all the way is a fantastic way to move down there in a slow but focused manner.

Okay so you’re there now! Remember to keep away from that clitoris. Now run your tongue all around the labia majora, then moving to the labia minora. Again, KEEP AWAY FROM THE CLITORIS!

Keep focused on the job, no matter how much she begs for it, don’t go near the clit! Many girls just begin to ache with that sort of attention…

Okay. NOW make you way to the clit... and with a flat tongue start with pussy cat licks...  Short and repetitious licks, firm but soft and gentle.

If eventually your tongue gets tired, try this trick: with your mouth over the clit use your finger to do the same action as your tongue - some girls can’t tell the difference. But remember not to be too light or too firm with the pressure, ask her what feels good. (But you can usually tell from her responses). Please remember that having a fast firm finger or tongue isn’t what some of us girls want either… unless you’ve spend a looong time building up to it anyway.

Repetitive alphabet writing is said to be amazing, so I checked it out with the “friends of Lovingtouch” and the response was the letter i (lower case please gentlemen). Repeat this one hundred to a thousand times please.

Now guys please remember that it usually takes minutes for you to cum, but for us girls it can take anything from 15 minutes to 30 for us to cum. And if you change the beat it will take longer. So romancing her, and then teasing her (not touching her clit for a long time) can bring her to that point a whole lot quicker.

Okay so go to it guys… this is your homework task for this week, get between her legs and show her what sort of lover man you truly are... (It’s much easier if you can learn to breath through your ears… LOL).

Next article will be all about how to tell if she is faking her orgasm!

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  • Priyank says
    Nice tips... will try them out next time..;) Lol

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