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Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

nullManscaping. It’s a cutesy name. But is the actual procedure as warm and... dare I say it... fuzzy as it sounds? Manscaping is the act of removing or trimming the body hair, but more specifically, the pubic hair on and around the male genitals. And actually, it’s not traumatic at all.

But first you might need to understand why you would even bother. So let’s take a look at some regular manscapers and their rationale. Bodybuilders are renowned for maintaining a hair-free appearance.  Why? Because it enhances their muscle definition. Elite swimmers and cyclists shave to improve performance and speed. Celebrities/male models get out the razor because tamed hair looks good and is hygienic. And porn stars shave because it puts their package much more on display.  So my logic suggests that if you manscape, you’ll be muscly, fast, clean, good looking and have a large penis. Not a bad marketing campaign for Gillette.

Seriously though, the art of manscaping is gaining popularity.  Pubic hair is an evolutionary kickback to the days when cavemen wandered the lands naked. Back then, pubic hair served as an insulator to keep your precious cargo warm. Nowadays, with boxer shorts and trousers, keeping things warm isn’t an issue. Maintaining good air circulation to prevent perspiration however, is. Trimming down there helps to keep things fresh. It is particularly useful to avoid overheating your swimmers in summer. So if anything, manscaping has become a trend among men because of the extra comfort it provides.

From an intimacy perspective, it’s true that most women prefer a trimmed pubic region.  While the extent of preferred hairlessness should be determined on a woman-by-woman basis, 9 out of 10 would prefer the region not to be unruly. A tamed man mane indicates to us that a guy takes good care of himself. Reducing your hair also reduces friction during intercourse and the smoother feeling that results can heighten the sensation for you and your partner. Especially if she is well-maintained also.  It’s also a lot more enticing for us to engage in oral stimulation when the area has been trimmed...especially if we’ve already flossed. 

If you’re now convinced a trim is in need you might be questioning how is best to go about it. First, have a shower. Not only will the warm water soften the coarse hair and make it easier to remove, the bathroom is also the best location for such a task. Towel dry the area before starting. Trimming this region is best done with a pair of small scissors or a specifically designed gadget, such as the intimate shaver. If using a pair of scissors, bunch areas of hair together and pull taught. Work slowly through with the scissors, and repeat until the entire region has been clipped back to the desired length.

If you are looking to give yourself a slightly closer or more styled shave there are three main areas you should focus on. The first is the hair that grows above your penis, the second, is the hair growing around the sides of your penis and between your scrotum and anus, and the final area is the pubic hair that actually grows on your scrotum and penis shaft. The first area is the most visible. Neaten the sides and shorten all over – this will generally be all this area needs, although some men do prefer to take it all off. The second area is the hardest to get to but will feel the nicest to you once removed. Use a foot stool to help you find the most efficient position, all hair from this region should go. Working on the last region is when you should take most caution. Because the scrotum isn’t smooth it is tricky to do without cutting yourself. Pull the penis up to tighten the skin or sink your balls into some cool water to naturally firm the whole area. Then take it slow and remove as much hair as you prefer.

Once you are done, pat the area with a towel to remove any irritating trimmings that might be on the area. Then moisturise and put on a pair of loose pants. It’s my opinion, and it might be yours too, that men are meant to be hairy. It's masculine, and to a certain extent, we ladies love it. But that doesn’t mean you can't be well groomed men.



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  • Jay says
    Sounds plenty better than a brazilian on ping and pong
  • Reno says
    have to say it's surprising how many people I've talked to that underestimate the importance of manscaping.
  • Oh My Fsjsdkjhkfh God. Manscaping??? What? To go with my Manhide and my Mantrol? FUCK OFF! Please excuse my French, but really! I will NOT be pidgeonholed by someone elses idea of who I should be.
  • Although..... I do shave it off....
  • DeviousX says
    Gotta keep it clean ;)

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