How to buy sex toys for your girlfriend – Part Two.

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

So you’ve tuned back in...hopefully that means you floated the idea of toys in the bedroom with your partner and it didn’t sink. Next comes the fun part... buying and actually using them. But if you’re looking to do this without her input, refer to the purchasing guide below to make sure you get something that she’ll like and will have the desired effect.

Dildos, consoladores e xoguetes sexuais


While it is incredibly important you get her a toy that is the perfect fit... you should try to avoid any embarrassing bra-shopping-type-incidents when you say to the sales assistant “Well she’s about your size.” Thankfully you can use yourself as a guide for how big or little you should go for internal vibrators. However, if you’d like something to use as an add-on to your own penetrative sex, stick with something really little like a bullet or clit vibe like the famous we-vibe. These can be slotted in place in between you both while you carry on as normal.


That’s right – just like shoes and handbags the colour of her sex toy counts! And if you don’t know what her favourite colour is (p.s. you should) - stick with black. Black outsells any other colour we have at because it’s the most discreet, elegant and easiest to keep clean.  Failing that, go for one of the bright pinks or purples. This is mainly for your own self-esteem, because a realistic, flesh-coloured item is the most likely to make you feel a little uncomfortable.


Ahhh... the most important feature to get right. When deciding which type of toy to get her you need to think what she most enjoys.  If she loves clitoral stimulation, there are heaps to choose from. Start simple with a finger vibe – these are small, inexpensive toys that pack a lot of punch. If she’s most satisfied by g-spot orgasm but struggles to get there, invest in an especially designed g-spot toy. The trick with these is to make sure the ‘hockey stick’ curve is inserted facing towards her stomach. If she likes a wee, mid-thrust, bottom tap then a spanker might be a welcome introduction. And if she’s all about romance in the bedroom, try a sensual massage kit.


With sex toys, the saying “you get what you pay for” could not be more apt. While there are heaps of really affordable sex toys on the market they are more likely to be loud and wear out quickly. But if you are happy to replace your toys (and try something new!) more regularly then you should be able to find a really suitable no frills vibrator for around $40.00. But if you’d like your girl’s gift to look a little more luxurious, then you need to think about investing in an item from Swedish sex toy range - LELO. Made from top quality materials, whisper quiet, presented in elegant gift boxes and with a 1 year guarantee she’ll think it’s too pretty not to love it! And the great bonus here is that all Lelo Sex Toys at this month are up to 25% off!!

Something for both of us

Because there’s no reason for you to miss out! Vibrating cock rings are a great couple’s toy.  While the rubber ring allows you to stay harder for longer, the vibrating clit attachment is pleasurable for her. A top tip for using them effectively is to employ a grinding, circular motion, so that the vibration maintains contact. Bullet vibes are also particularly couple-friendly.  They are perfect for caressing nipples, brushing over balls or heading to the back door with.

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