Have We Met? The Art of Role-play

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

In your favourite ..erm...movies, the pizza delivery guy and photocopy fix-it dude always seem to be getting all the action. Baffled? It’s because women love a man in uniform... no matter how much authority is associated with his particular threads. Below we highlight some of our favourite scenarios to bring costume and role-play into the bedroom. 

Teacher and Student

This one is a staple. Firstly, because Britney has engrained the school uniform into the male sexual psyche worldwide. Secondly, it is a naughty turn-on to re-enact something that is a social taboo.  Costumes usually involve a plaid skirt or dress for her, a shirt tucked into a pair of shorts for him...all dependent on who is the teacher and who is the student. Possible scenarios could be an after class tutorial session with an emphasis on sexual education.  Or a failing student willing to do anything to get extra credits.

Doctor and Patient

Channel the McDreamy in you and show your partner your exemplary bedside manner. There’s not a single woman I know who hasn’t had a crush on a doctor at some stage...fictional or otherwise. If you can score yourself some scrubs, that’ll help the authenticity of the scenario. Or you might have to resort to wearing nothing but a stethoscope. Focus this scenario on having her show you where it hurts and then you can do whatever you like to make each sore spot feel better. And what if insurance doesn’t cover the appointment? I’m sure the patient can work something out for payment.

Cop and Law-Breaker

Imagine it. You catch her speeding and she has to do everything she can to make it up to your... long arm of the law. In this game of role-play, the key themes are power and punishment. Whoever plays police officer is the one who decides whether or not the law-breaker gets redeemed for their bad behaviour. It’s more than possible that a strip search will be required. Police costumes are relatively easy to come across and the handcuffs come in useful long after you’ve finished acting.


Whether she’s pretending to be Demi in Striptease or you’re taking your inspiration from Danny De Vito in that episode of Friends...stripping scenarios are a great way to make undressing last longer than usual. This scenario is also a great one for utilising props. Set up the bedroom with a good sound system, a chair and some 5 dollar bills and let the gyrating begin.

If you've never engaged in this activity before, it might seem a little silly at first. But remain straight-faced and really commit to it and you might find you’re really enjoying yourselves. Because there's something about the guise of being in character that allows couples to open their mind to things they might not have considered before.

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  • The Don says
    sounds like fun
  • Boks says
    Wow,just a stethoscope,sounds like a wonderful plan !!!!!
  • Paul says
    Have too agree, when I had a uniform, had a lot of dates, now got none as I dont have a uniform, so will have to go into a job that has auniform to revive my dating life!!!!!
  • Alana says
    Most wommen want to try a little role playing and we LOVE a guy in uniform:)
  • Sam says
    Have to agree, would be great having a different women every night
  • Ebbz says
    I've often pretended to be a stranger and arranged to meet the boyfriend at the bar. And "picked" him up for a sleezy "one nighter" at a scungy backpackers or just back at ours. Re-create a whole new character for yourself!
  • Hippynz says
    Yep, chicks in uniform catch my eye
  • barnes10 says
    Stripper/client for me.

    Anyone remember Jamie Lee Curtis and big Arnold in True Lies?hen she stripped for me....classic stuff and man she was hot.

    sadly ain't nothing like that has happened for me but I'd give it a try.
  • Hippynz says
    I like a chick that likes role play.
  • Hippynz says
    Me: rolling dice for attack of her archer
    D20 role gets an 18

    Attack by my warrior renders her archers shirt into shreds

    Me: Role play it! role play it!

    My warrior gets -1 to defence due to 'distraction'

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