Does size really Matter?

Michelle Rocard

nullRecently at lingerie at sex toy party, the question was asked does size really matter.

That’s really a tough question for me to answer, because I don’t want to say “yes”. Size is a personal thing, more personal if you’re a guy. So again I put this to the friends of lovingtouch, ten women some married and some not. 80% said no and 20% said yes. Wow! We laughed about some very delicate issues for men.

Here’s the thing, If you cock is only 1 inch erect you better be darn good at other stuff to make up for it. And if your not, well there isn’t really any hope for you.

May I suggest you purchase the book titled she comes first by Ian Kerner, Ph.D.

Available in good book stores nationwide.

So are you concerned that you might not measure up?

Need to find out you true size… where to measure from is always a question and it’s not from the rear of you! LOL

Here’s the right way to measure your penis.

-          Use a cloth tape measure not a straight edge

-          Measure to the nearest half centimetre, not kilometre!

-          Measure from the junction of skin between the lower belly to the tip

-          Then post your size on a website, may I suggest NZD or!

The girls who attend lovingtouch parties are taught how to measure their man discreetly. An 8 inch jelly vibe is passed around the room, I show them that my hand span is eight inches that’s from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my second finger and how NO man can lie to me, but some girls don’t have a great hand span. So we giggle about how they can use there foot as a measuring device. But I do warn when using feet to be careful not to kick their man in the balls.

If you are a larger boy it can be difficult to find condoms that are a comfortable fit. Most adult stores have them available and you can purchase them in bulk from me. sorry I know this sounds like an advertorial, and I hate those but this is more a public service than anything else I get regular phone calls from men asking where they can buy extra large condoms from and it is important to get the right fit for the job!


Always remember boys if you are a larger size in that area, that some women can be put off giving you head or letting you Rodger her hard and fast. Many women have very sensitive cervixes and pounding isn’t comfortable for them. But the more turned on she is the better it is for her because the virginal wall lengthens allowing that nice big member to be accommodated.

Yes size can matter if you are crap at everything else, so if you are a small boy you need to get up with your skills of pleasuring your partner.

Because it’s always a better thing to have an all rounder in the bedroom.

A man who can shag you senseless also has to be a  man who can perform foreplay without directions, an air traffic controller is not the role I want to play in the bedroom!

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  • muzaazi says
    In this case, how one uses their equipment really does matter

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