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Michelle Rocard

Is it something that you want to try?

It seems that paying a visit to the tradesman's entrance is a topic that's increasingly on the minds of men all over the globe - and their partners too. What is it about going in through the out door that seems to have such a grip on our imagination? Is it the thrill of the taboo, the visual aspect; or just the sheer physical sensation? The anus is home to more nerve endings than any other part of the human body apart from the tongue. (Which may suggest a match made in heaven). If you want to get specific about it, anal sex is stimulation of the (highly sensitive) anus during sexual activity. There are different ways this can be done, orally (known as 'rimming'), to the sneaky finger, to actual anal intercourse.

At lovingtouch we seem to get a lot of inquiries regarding anal sex from ladies whose partners wish to try it.

Hot ass.

It may seem attractive to some and is certainly harmless (it seems). But anal is definitely something that needs to be discussed prior to the occasion; and you may be surprised - she may have even been thinking that she might like to try it. Woman can actually orgasm from anal sex, because when it's performed with sensitivity, the physical sensation is intense. Of course there needs to be mutual agreement that anal sex is something that you would both like to experience and it goes without saying it needs to be performed with care.

Firstly it’s really important to be comfortable and lube is an important component, or using a product like Innuendo - a natural herbal anal conditioning gel used prior to, and during anal intercourse to relax the sphincter - and thirdly I suggest the use of a condom, just because of the nature of where 'he' is going and might want to go when finished. You really don’t want any bacteria ending up inside the vagina as girls certainly don’t want to have any nasty infections… most importantly it’s got to be about safe sex. It is important to understand that HIV can be transmitted through anal sex; and the risk of HIV transmission is greater than that of vaginal intercourse because the lining of the rectum tears easily.

Chatting to a few girls about what they think about the whole anal sex thing was interesting... Most of my girlfriends become very suspicious when I ask them over for a girls night in with a couple of bottles of wine... Mostly they react with “ what are you writing about this time?”

I did get some interesting responses.

‘Oh my god no! There is just no way that he will ever fulfill his fantasy’, to ‘yep we have anal intercourse every so often’.

Guess who's walking funny today...

So we got chatting, and believe it or not I discovered a lot about my friends. It seems that women are prepared to try it out. Fingers seem to be the place to start, then over time the full deal seems more appealing.

Anatomically the rectum shares a wall with the vagina, and the sexual nerves are actually closer on that side, which make the experience different, feel good, and possibly orgasmic.

I heard a story from a friend, and he was talking about a work colleague who wanted to try anal sex with his fiancée - he bugged her for ever for it, so on the wedding night she decided that this was the one thing she could give him that she had never done before – the so called virgin on the wedding night thing – and apparently she enjoyed it so much that now she only wants anal! Only he’s not that happy about it because it wasn’t really his thing...

So be careful what you wish for!

Innuendo, condoms, oral dams & strapons are available at Loving Touch.

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  • Priyank says
    Hmmmm quite interesting.. I thought women really werent into it that much and just men liked it...

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