69'ing Dos and Don'ts!

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.


Some people love 69’ing, others not so much. Giving and receiving oral sex simultaneously can be an incredibly sexy experience, but some prefer to concentrate fully on pleasuring one partner at a time. Whether you’re a lover or a hater there are some definite dos and don’ts that everyone should know.

Get clean before you get down and dirty

Obvious to most, it’s much more enjoyable to spend time down south if it’s easy to breath and there are no unpleasant odours! You can even turn washing into foreplay, take a shower together and take it in turns to lather each other up and use the shower head to drizzle water seductively over each other’s bodies. And just as you like her to keep her ‘lady garden’ neat and tidy, it’s a good idea for you to partake in some man-scaping yourself. Make sure you keep your pubic hair trimmed at all times, it makes it much more pleasant for her and easier to reach those all important places.

Watch what you eat

You wouldn’t chop up a chilli and then touch your own sexual organs so it’s probably not a good idea to eat chillies or a very hot salsa and then go for gold orally with your partner. It may have some unforeseen side effects and cause things to come to a halt before they even get going. However, if you wanted to ‘spice things up a bit’ you and your partner could each take a cube of ice in your mouths while going down on the other to add some intense new sensations. Or to make things tastier, why not try a flavoured lubricant?

Get into position

It’s not always possible to subtly manoeuvre yourself into the 69 position, so when it’s not, make sure you get comfortable, put a pillow under your head and then have your partner lower herself onto you. In most situations it’s best if the woman goes on top – not only is she lighter but it allows her to control how much of your member she takes in her mouth, and prevents her from being crushed or choked if/when you get a little too excited!

Don’t get too carried away

Remember that 69’ing isn’t a one horse race, when the sensations start to feel really good don’t forget that you need to keep stimulating her too – you should both cross that finish line, although it won’t always be at the same time!

More importantly, while 69’ing gives you easy access to all areas, don’t stray towards her ‘back door’ without permission or prior discussions, while some women like anal play others may be freaked out if you let your tongue wander back there and you could experience a premature end to the fun.

The happy ending

69’ing can be used as foreplay only or be an activity in its own right. If you’re going all the way it’s a good idea to let your partner know when you are about to ejaculate. Unexpectedly propelling your salty, bitter fluid into her mouth may not lead to a happy ending for both of you! Giving her some warning will mean that she has the option to continue with oral stimulation and take it in her mouth or duck out of the way!

So there you go some basic etiquette. 69’ing can be a very intimate and extremely sexy experience that everyone should try at least once!

Take Care, Sarah Gibson at www.sexgear.co.nz

P.S. If there’s anything about sex that you’d like to ask, or a discussion you’d like to start just email me info@sg.co.nz and I’ll do my best to write about it for you here at getfrank.co.nz

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  • Mike Won says
    You say 'salty, bitter fluid' like it's a bad thing? :P
  • Brian says
    sure you're not a li'l gay Sarah...??

    some things you say seem biased against males.
  • Wayne says
    You say 'choking' like it's a bad thing :o)
  • Vishaka says

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