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Serge Cohn

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 ...It’s that kind of love movies and books tell you about, it's that kind of fairytale love most of us expect to be the real love and to last forever...

All men get infatuated in love at least once in their lifetime. This is more than love: this is ecstatic love!
Most love relationships will begin with this ‘romantic love’ stage, where you feel euphoric, cheerful, and complete; you feel being one with your honey. Everything is just perfect, isn't it?

During the infatuation stage you and your lover agree on almost everything and going the extra mile or the extra 100 miles requires no effort. Moreover, you feel sexually energized, full of zest, playful, and you can't wait to share your good mood with friends, family, or even strangers.
Bottom line? You experience the most intense physical desires, and live in a blissful world of your own where you are convinced that destiny itself brought you together.

What Do Scientists Say About The Infatuation Stage?

There is one clear 'technical' explanation to this frenzy of romantic love: endorphins. They are 'feel-good' chemicals, produced by your own body, that flood your brain, making you feel and behave as if you were on drugs.
No wonder that you feel ready to do some incredible – and sometimes foolish – things. Your physical strength and energy are increased, while your sexual drive is highly intensified. As a consequence, during infatuation stage you can go more than usual without sleep or food and in general, you barely feel any pain.
You feel in control, sure of yourself, and invincible. In fact, your common sense is significantly diminished, your defenses are down, and the only thing that counts for you is to spend more and more time with your lover.  All these keep going until the glitter of infatuation fades away.

What's Next?

During this stage, your bond with each other gives the impression that your love will be forever an eternal bliss. In fact, romantic love shows you only the potential of your relationship.

Depending on how much time you spend with each other, the infatuation stage lasts between 2 months and 2 years, with an average of 6 to 8 months.  Once you're committed to each other, the routine replaces gradually the excitement; and the endorphins diminish in your brain. As a consequence, the infatuation stage will emerge into the power struggle stage, where common relationship problems come to light.
So, enjoy romantic love as much as you can! But if you want to make the best of it, while you are at it, begin learning about your vulnerabilities and your partner's weaknesses. Why is this?

Because if you want to have a great relationship with the woman that you now love so much, you have to accept that the infatuation stage will sooner or later be replaced by the next stage, the power struggle, where the knowledge and understanding accumulated now will help enormously.

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