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Teddy Shabba

If you are a man looking to make a change with women for the better Teddy Shabba is available for one-on-one coaching and can be reached @ www.TeddyShabba.com

When it comes to women who are beautiful and at least have above average looks there are two kinds. The first kind are nice and great to be around and in general any man who finds one is thankful that she is in his life. The second kind can make a mans life miserable, however since most men just consider themselves lucky if they can get an above average looking chick many men hold onto them because they don't have the skills necessary to know that they can attract a beautiful woman of the first kind.

The five types of women that can make a man miserable:

And here's something else I want to tell you...

1) Miss bitch

Is a woman who is negative, unsatisfied with her life and always in a bad mood. Even though she manages to get her way most of the time she still manages to be unhappy.

2. Miss "equality" with exceptions

She believes equality means equal rights and equal salary and that a man has to pay for everything. Her actions and words make you think she really hates men and would be better off without them. Yet she continues to use men because men give her what she wants.

3. Miss a or non sexual

I wouldn't wish this woman on my worst enemy (well maybe)! She hates sex and lets you know just how much you should to. Instead of giving it freely, she uses it as a tool to manipulate men into giving her what she wants. As soon as she has what she wants she cuts you off again.

4. Miss high maintenance

The most common of modern women thanks in large part to Disney. Her main concern is with how much money you have and what she can get from you. She likes to carry a big purse with no money of her own in it and if you go on a date you can be sure that it will have no money in it at all.

5. Miss dependent

At first glance she seems to be the perfect woman and you think you have hit the jackpot. Yet Miss Dependent takes up a lot of your time with her constant calling and questioning. She has no real life of her own and needs a man in her life so that he can solve all of her problems or blame you when things don't go her way.

As a man I am sure you have run into these types of woman - some beautiful and some not. The real problem for men is when a woman displays one of these traits and is hot. It can be tough for a man who thinks that getting a woman has everything to do with luck, to let go of her. Even though he knows he is miserable he can't let go because she is hot and he doesn't know if he can get that lucky again.

When a man decides to learn how to attract women one of the first things that will happen is he gains the confidence to know that he can get the beautiful and nice women that will make him happy and no longer needs to waste his time with women who make his life miserable. 

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