Where You Go On A "First Date" Can Determine The Outcome

Teddy Shabba

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Do you think that where you take a woman or meet her at for the first "date" makes a difference in the outcome you get?

No matter what you think or believe, it is important for you to realize that where you go plays a big role in the outcome you get.

Of course, the type of women you are with and how confident you are in yourself will play just as big a role.

The Nicer or more traditional places:

Unless you are extremely rich or really good looking the only outcome you can expect is to leave the woman you are with unimpressed.

Almost every guy takes women to these types of places and almost every guy gets the same results he always gets which is the same thing he was already going to get if he didn't take her there.

Random or Everyday Places:

The less thought and effort you put into where to go or meet for the first time, the more impressed she is likely to be if you can maintain that relaxed and no pressure mindset for the whole time the two of you are together.

Women want to meet a man who is fascinating and confident in himself and nothing is more confident than a man who can invite a woman out to do absolutely nothing.

Of course, doing it this way takes all those crutches away that you normally have to lean on when you go out in a more traditional way.

You cant look at the menu or talk about the movie if you don't connect with her.

Everyday places force you to interact with each other because if you don't things will get pretty boring and both of you will know it.

Even though, if you had taken her to a more traditional place she would have assumed you were boring from the start instead of discovering that you are.

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  • Peter T says
    I like something nice and easy. The movies, a romantic comedy with popcorn and icecream.
    • Timothy says
      Hmm i always find movies a waste of time as u never get any talking done, places that work wonders in auckland i find are nuffield st brew bar (as long as there is not too louder live music), as u can sit on the swings, or at tanukis cave in town, coz its got such a good atmosphere, spend the whole time looking around an talking about how cool the cave is
    • Shaun says
      Go somewhere where you can actually hear each others talking, ie not a noisy bar or nightclub. Nothing worse than having to keep say 'pardon?' every 5 mins or agreeing when you have absolutely no idea what they said.
    • Gizmo says
      Go for a walk and a picnic at a local park and check out a local musuem - it may sound boring but all the interesting exhibitions and items will be a great conversational topic. Plus its generally not too expensive
    • ck says
      On 1st dates I am wanting to get to know some1. So I would choose a cafe with a nice setting where we could chat and get to know each other.
      Depending on the person likes I would choose a local garden center cafe or a cafe over looking the sea and after coffee we could either have walk around garden center or a stroll on the beach
    • Vishaka says
      Take her to the zoo..
      Plenty of topics for discussion without having to deal with issues like: "What happened to your last relationship?"
      And you can avoid the usual casual chit-chat like:

      "My wife is still missing."

      "I met my first boyfriend on the prison bus."

      Yada. Yada. Yada.:)
    • tracy says
      Turn on the romance dinner at a quiet subtle restaurant and a nice casual stroll along Misson Bay or similar to finish with
    • Priyank says
      go to the most unusual place , like a museum or art gallery. lots of stuff to talk about.
    • Polly says
      I'm a human doing, not really a human being so I like to do something on a date, such as mountainbike or go for a walk.
    • nathan says
      Take her shopping. What women dosent like shopping. You get to know what she is in to.Lots of cafes to go to when you get puffed. Then dinner and a few drinks.
    • Aims says
      I like something simple and low key - it doesn't have to be expensive either, a walk on the beach and a picnic would be perfect.

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