What You Need To Know About Adult Dating Sites

Teddy Shabba

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If you are a man who is considering joining an adult dating site it is important that you follow a few rules in order to ensure that you get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your experience.

In theory, adult dating sites should be every man's fantasy; a site full of women simply looking to have sex.

Yet, the reality is a large percentage of the women's profiles on adult dating sites are either made up or simply used to get you to join some other site.

Once you take away the fake female members and such you are looking at a ratio of at least 25 guys to every 1 woman.

For your average guy, even online isn't that great of a ratio between men and women.

However, if you follow these four simple rules when it comes to adult dating sites you can improve your chances of hooking up with a real woman rather quickly.

1. No Pictures of Your Penis

Just because you are looking for sex doesn't mean al she wants to see is your member.

A full body shot showing off your physique is about as nude as you want to get.

2. No Mention of Sex

Just like on regular dating sites the majority of women don't want to read about what it is you plan on doing to them.

For the most part women who want to read what you are going to do them never actually want to meet you.

3. If It Looks Like a Porn Star It Is a Porn Star

The majority of hot women on an adult dating site will not have any picture of themselves up and if they do it will not be of the greatest quality and poses.

If she doesn't have one regular looking picture in her profile odds are it is a fake.

You can send her an email if you like, but don't respond if she ask for your email address or wants you to join another site that is way better than the one you are already paying for.

4. Real Responses Require Meeting or Getting a Phone Number Afterwards

Let's face it if you join one of these sites you either are looking for sex or looking for a cyber buddy.

If as a man you are looking for sex and a woman responds to your initial email the only step left on the online process is asking for her number or setting up a meeting.

Women who really are looking for sex will happily oblige while women looking for a cyber fling will come up with a variety of reasons not to give you her number and wouldn't even dream of meeting you just yet.

In the end, if you treat adult dating sites in much the same way that you would a regular dating site you will enjoy the type of success that you desire online and offline as well.

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  • Polly says
    Hooking up with faceless strangers over the net is dangerous. Maybe try meeting people at church or the library.
    • Josh M says
      Meeting people at church? I thought this was all about meeting people and "Hooking up with them" not having to marry them before hand! :)
    • Andy says
      Surely the good old way of guy- meets- girl, girl- meets- guy still applies? Surely beauty is "in the eye" of the beholder, not by what you 'think' the person is through some made- up profile or picture posted on the internet?
    • New Member says
      Dating will never be easy...but at least there are more options these days.
    • Kris says
      i think internet dating is just more relaxed than trying to go out to a club or bumping into somebody in everyday life, people are always on a mission these days but while you're on the internet you're there to be entertained and you have the time to just stop and check something out

      i've never done it thou ;)
    • Bradd says
      Haha, I know a girl that uses one of these sites, she picked up an STI off one of the guys, and then gave it to another one before she knew she had it...Id be fairly wary of stuff like that myself
      • Bradd says
        hmmm theres no edit function, the "haha" at the beginning isnt supposed to be there.
      • most important is not to give in and sleep with guys right away and meet in a public place like a cafe and never at your home
      • Jonesy says
        These sites are hardly about 'dating', more like a free for all including diseases if the front page of the Herald is anything to go by.
        User be aware!!!
      • Internet sites are just another way of people connecting,a form of socialising,whether it be at Church,Meeting at Clubs,Bars,Parks and so forth.One can only be careful in all area when dating!
      • bowles4455 says
        facebook is great for meeting women..
      • Iain says
        "Adult Dating" is a pretty dodgy euphemism for these sites. "Men looking for mythological-no-strings-attached-sex" is more apt. It's a bit like winning lotto - we all dream of it but there's only a 0.000246% chance of success.

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