Tips to Turbo Charge Your Seduction Skills

Chris Tyler

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How do you get a woman turned on? 

Ask most guys this question,  and they are going to look at you with confusion and bewilderment,  or they are going to give you some kind of cheesy response that sounds like they learned most of their sexual education from adult films and locker room conversations with guys who have about the same amount of inexperience as they do.  Any regular guy can become a “stud” as long as he puts in some time learning real tips and techniques to turn on a woman and ignores those things that men often think are effective but do really little to turn on a woman.

Shawn & Haley

Do you really think that fondling her in an awkward way is the key to getting a woman turned on? 

If so,  then you really may need to keep reading.  You also need to unlearn any ineffective techniques,  methods and concepts that will get in the way of learning what really works.   You also need to learn how to take things slow.  Slow can be a good thing for YOU.   Turning on a woman takes some patience and if you are too rushed,  that can be a bad thing.  And you know what?  I’d probably be pretty conservative if I were to estimate that 8 out of 10 guys try to move too fast in trying to get a woman into the bedroom.

How to Get Her Turned On Tip Number One -  The Eye Connection

This has always been my favorite little “trick.”  It’s been my go to move for quite some time and it hardly ever seems to fail me.  And it hardly ever seems to fail anyone that I explain it to and they actually USE IT.  The eyes are a way to connect with someone on a “spiritual” level.  And in many cultures,  sex is a spiritual thing.  When you use your eyes to connect with a woman,  you can do a lot of the “heavy lifting” of trying to seduce her into bed,  without really having to do much at all.

What do you do?

Take a moment where the conversation is kind of winding down.  Not winding down like it’s the end of the night and she is going to go home.  More like you know that there is going to be a long pause where neither one of you are saying anything.  At this point,  you want to make a brief,  5 second connection with her,  using just your eyes.  She’ll connect back if there is any rapport or chemistry between the two of you.  After no more than five seconds,  look down and away and give a light little chuckle.  Then,  repeat the eye connection and see if she holds for any longer than 5 seconds.    Chances are,  if she does,  this is a great moment to move in for the kiss.

How to Get Her Turned On Tip Number Two -  Better Than Spanish Fly

As long as you followed the first tip,  then you should be able to move on to this one.  While you are close to each other,  sitting down,  you want to gently place your hand on the outside of her opposite knee.  Slowly move up her leg till you get to about the mid thigh and then move your hand slowly inward so that you are now on her inner thigh.  If you make this move while you are kissing,  then you may want to see how far up she will let you go.

Why Is It So Important to Move From Knee to Thigh?

I’ve seen a lot of guys make the mistake of going straight to trying to put their hands on the inside thigh,  before they really did anything else.  At that point,  it’s going to feel more like you are pawing at her or trying to cop a cheap feel.  BAD MOVE.  On the other hand,  if you start off at the outer part of her knee,  a very “safe” place,  and then move up and inward as yo are kissing her,  it feels more like a natural progression to her.  Instead of feeling like you are just trying to cop a feel,  it feels more like you are going with the kiss and going with the moment.

It’s Not Over Just Yet…

Following these two tips just right,  you can get pretty hot and heavy with a woman rather quickly.  And as long as you are in a private place where sex can occur,  then there is a really good chance that this is exactly where the two of you will end up.  Now,  just because you have gotten to this point,  though,  don’t expect that she is like putty in your hands.  Last minute resistance is VERY real in this situation and you really need to know how to escalate things further.

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