Tips on How to Attract Women – Your Mindset Is the Key

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at

When it comes to dating and meeting women, mindset is about the biggest obstacle that most guys have. There are tons of different techniques that you can learn that will help you get better results, but nothing will give you the quantum leap that changing your mindset about dating and attracting women will. Pay close attention, because just a simple shift in the way that you think about things can bring you drastically different results.
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Here are some tips on how to attract women with the right mindset:

1. Pursue women to enhance your life, not to fill voids.

When most guys pursue a woman, it’s because they are lonely or sad and they think that by meeting the right woman, they will suddenly feel fulfilled and happy. Well, that might work temporarily, but it will also work against you. For one, you are going to give off the wrong kind of vibe if you are trying to fill a void. And two, you are basically setting yourself up to be emotionally dependent on a woman, which is a recipe for disaster. Instead of trying to fill a void, you want to have the mindset where women will enhance an already good life.

2. You want to feel as though there is no reason why a woman would reject you.

Now, of course, you never can have a 100 percent success rate. But, most guys approach women with the mindset that she probably will reject them unless they flatter her and suck up and try their best to show her that they will treat her like a princess. Instead, you want to have the mindset where you feel as though you are in control of the situation, there is no reason she would reject you, and if she does, then the reason probably has to do more with her and not with you.

3. Never feel as though women are scarce.

Look around sometime, really open your eyes and see how many attractive women there are. When you pursue women as though they are scarce, you will end up putting up with behaviors that you normally wouldn’t all because you feel as though you have to. For example, guys that feel they really are limited when it comes to meeting women are usually the ones that end up spending lots of money, putting up with a woman’s crazy mood swings, and acting like a doormat. Women are not scarce, there are lots of them out there. Keep that in mind when pursuing women.

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  • Boks says
    I think the best way to attract any women is to be yourself,don,t try and be someone that you are not,go for it guys
  • Steff S says
    i have a theory that if you look too hard, you won't find/attract a women. rather, it's when you are in your element and almost nonchalant that women will find you different and thereby be attracted. they love the chase, and a seemingly calm and 'hard to get' man is an ideal target.
  • Peter T says
    I like to flirt with all women. Who cares if they are married, single or have a boyfriend!!!
  • Aims says
    I love the third one - it's so true! There are always plenty more fish in the sea!
  • barnes10 says
    Never feel as though women are scarce.....too true sometimes you just have to wait for the right women to come along. best to wait rather hook up with one you don't like.

    Stay positive, confident and be yourself.
  • Prettyboy says
    Number 2 is the story of my life. I never talked to girls at college who I thought were either 2 hot for me or too good. I spoke to a couple at reunion 10 years later I they said they wished I asked them out as they fancied me but they were too shy to talk to me.DOH!!!
    One was still hot but was happily narried but the other had let herself go so I wasn't bothered. YES I admit I'm shallow!
  • New Member says
    love it

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