The five stages of Seduction

Teddy Shabba

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Where a lot of guys go wrong is that they SKIP some of these critical, core steps - and consequently fumble the seduction even though they do everything else right!

Derek Vitalio is one of the leading authorities on How to Attract and Seduce beautiful women his book Seduction Science is highly recommended.

Here's the five core, basic steps of a seduction:

First open the girl or her group.

Second, build your social value to the girl.

Third, once you have social value, screen and accept her.

Fourth, isolate the girl away from her friends.

And fifth, build comfort with the girl.

You'll want to progress through the steps - open, build your social value, screen and accept, isolate, and build comfort - in basically that order.

In this report I'm going to show you WHAT happens when you skip steps - and WHY girls are less likely to sleep with you if you do.

Skipping step 1- Not Opening

The consequences of not opening are obvious - you'll never meet anyone!  You always need to open - ALWAYS.  Don't wait for girls to talk to you or wait for them to give you a "sign".  Read Opening Magic if you have trouble in this area.

Skipping step 2 - Not Building Social Value

A HUGE problem I see with a lot of guys is that they jump right into comfort building before they've built any social value to the girl.

Guys who girls consider to be "just friends" chronically skip the building social value step.  The guy acts like another girlfriend, listening to all of the girl's problems and being there to comfort her. The guy is there to really feel for her and listen to her and swap personal stories and experiences with her.

The problem is, the guy doesn't have any social value to the girl by being simply "comfortable".  Yes, she *is* comfortable around him - she may even feel a special connection with him - but she's not attracted to him sexually either!

When this same guy goes to a club, he opens the girl and tries to build that feeling of comfort right away with her.  He jumps right into talking about instant connections, personal stories, and mining for the girl's values.

This strategy of building comfort doesn't work - not if you don't already have social value with the girl first.

Instead, you come across as a "nice guy", a guy who is being overly nice and caring to get into her pants.

To illustrate, imagine you were lost in a strange city and a homeless man off the street you didn't know - someone with no social value to you - came up to you and started giving you directions.  He is being really "nice" to you.  Still, you probably won't feel in any mood of making an "instant connection" with him, because you're betting that the only reason he's being nice is to ask you for some money.

Likewise, if you have no social value to a girl and you jump directly into comfort with her, she may suspect you have ulterior motives.

Of course, sometimes going straight into comfort building with a girl WILL work.  Let's say you walk into a bar and start talking about instant connections with a girl or boring small talk - and she responds!  However, even here, a girl is responding to the social value that she perceives you have - from your strong nonverbal cues, a strong entrance, and your good looks - not to the content of your comfort building.

And generally, immediate comfort building will not work at all on extremely beautiful women who have lots of guys after them. Extremely beautiful will block your attempts to build comfort with them by shutting you out - unless you've built sufficient social value to them first. 

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