She Might Be Leading You On – Or, You Might Just Be Reading Her Wrong

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at

For some people,  reading signals isn’t that hard to do and for others, it’s pretty much impossible for them.  I think that most guys fall somewhere in between,  where they can sometimes get the signals right and sometimes,  well,  they are just dead wrong.  One of the questions that you want to ask yourself if you think a certain woman might be leading you on is… are you reading her signs of attraction the wrong way?

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It’s funny,  when you really are attracted to a woman,  you want her to want you so much,  that a lot of the time you will try to find a sign that she is attracted to you even if there isn’t one and she really just doesn’t feel that way about you.

Here are a few examples of when you might just be reading a woman wrong when you think that she is leading you on:

1)  You swear she is looking right at you,  when she is really looking BEHIND you.

I’ve seen this happen in clubs and bars a lot.  A woman will kind of look like she is looking in the direction of a guy,  and that is what he will think,  but really she is looking at something or someone behind him.  This happens a lot when a guy is standing at the bar and the woman is really just trying to attract the attention of the bartender.

2)  You think she is leading you on when she says that she is busy when you call her,  but she really IS busy.

This is another really common scenario to get wrong and it happens when a guy is insecure usually.  You call up a woman and she kind of ends the conversation in a hurry because she says that she is busy and you come to the conclusion that she is just leading you on.  Well,  the reality might be that she is really busy.  It does happen.  Women do get busy from time to time and you might just happen to call when she is.

In the first example,  it is a common scenario where guys think that a woman is attracted to them or trying to make eye contact when she is really not.  And in the second example,  it is a common scenario where the guy thinks that he is getting played by a woman who says that she is busy,  but she really is.

It’s easy to get signs wrong and come to a false conclusion about a situation.  You don’t want to make too many of those kinds of mistakes,  though,  if you really want to get good with women.

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