Sex With No Strings Attached – Tips for Men

Chris Tyler

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Sex with no strings attached is one of the ultimate goals that men have when it comes to bedding women, and you know what? Most guys look at it kind of like the Loch Ness monster, meaning, they don’t think it really exists. And in some ways, they would be right. There are always ‘some’ strings attached to sex, there’s no way to get around it. However, you can parlay a situation where the strings are not all that cumbersome, so that it DOES feel like you are just having fun and there are no real strings that come attached with the sex.

2011-02-21 14:07:07

The idea that you can have sex without having any implications towards anything else is more of a fantasy than reality. You are dealing with a woman, a human being, and she is going to want to feel like a woman… not like a place for you to just insert your penis and not have any repercussions at all. What you really can have is a consensual, casual sexual relationship without all of the other relationship stuff getting too deep.

Here are some tips on sex with no strings attached that can help you make it become more than just a dream:

1. You have to know, before you do anything at all, that the woman is going to want something in return.

Like I said, the idea that you can have sex without any kind of strings involved really does not exist. At most, you might get a one night stand that way, but there is some kind of ongoing relationship if you continue having sex with a woman. That is something that you have to keep in mind, because if you treat a woman like you are just looking for a warm place to get off, eventually she is going to deny you what you want and then you are going to be left with nothing more than a box of tissues sitting next to your laptop.

2. She has to be a sexually liberated woman, which are rare, or else things will get messy.

Regardless of what you may hear or what you may want to believe, truly sexually liberated women are pretty rare. These are the women that you can have a really casual sexual relationship with and not have to run into her catching feelings and wanting something more. Choosing to try and sex with no strings attached relationship with any other kind of woman will almost always turn out messier than you imagine.

3. You have to be able to handle the no strings attached thing yourself.

Not as many guys can handle having sex with a woman on an ongoing basis and not catching feelings themselves. This is especially true if she is good looking and fun to be with. Many times a guy will think that he can do this, just because he is a guy, and next thing you know– he’s falling for her. That is not such a bad thing if she is feeling the same way, but if she isn’t– you can end up getting really hurt by the whole thing.

You know, any way that you want to look at it, if you are going to have an ongoing relationship of any kind with a woman– there are going to be some strings attached to it. Luckily, if you choose the right woman, and you can handle an ongoing casual sexual relationship yourself, then you CAN make it happen and have a whole lot of fun doing it. You always have to remember that it’s never about using a woman, it’s about having an incredible experience that you can share with her.

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  • TTT says
    no such thing as free sex. you always pay in the end.
  • I'll attempt to avoid getting it in the neck by saying "I've got a mate..." He did the casual sex thing for a couple of years and had some level of success by going for the ugly girls.
    • Onaphobia says
      Ooooohhh - then that explains why it never worked for me.
      • Gibbo at says
        going for the ugly girls just makes you sad really doesn't raise your standards for gods sake lol
        • Munchkins says
          Oh my word. Interesting to see what goes on in men's minds. Honestly I know some hot girls that are ok with no strings. I pulled it off for a year before I felt ready for something more meaningful.
        • shiny says
          Hey Jason we must share that same mate. From his recollection 'ugly girls' typically work harder than their stunning counterparts which could be a level of success depending which angle you're shooting from.
        • Ha! In my experience they were just grateful...
        • Shit! In my MATES experience, hehe....
        • shiny says
          Does it really exist? Maybe if your a fan of FWB (friends with benefits). Not many other situations this one applies to....?

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