Sealing the Deal

So you and your girlfriend have been going steady for a while now and she keeps bringing up the point you haven’t meet her parents yet. Man-up, you might as well get it over and done with, that way you’ve sealed the deal and it won’t feel like a big hindrance anymore. 

Meeting the parents can always feel like a sign flashing DANGER, DO NOT ENTER: ABORT MISSION. However this is one mission where if you abort, you’re left standing there looking like the cowardly lion off the wizard of oz –If only I had the guts. So to lay it out for you and let you succeed your mission, this handy guide has everything you will ever need to know to pass the initial meet the parent’s task.

Mission : Your mission is to somehow dress to impress and convince the parents of your girlfriend, that you have all the best intentions at hand when it comes to dating and taking care of their little girl and that you have no thoughts lurking in the back of your mind to corrupt her. You have to convince the parents that you will do everything to make this relationship work and not bring any harm to their daughter.

1) Personality Check: Make sure that you bring out all the stops, big guns a-blazing. For tonight only, you are to be a well-mannered man who doesn’t swear, is polite and respectable and someone who won’t embarrass themselves or their girlfriend in front of her parents. If you are normally a big swearer and find it difficult to tone down even for one night – try and use a substitute word –one that doesn’t sound like swearing. When addressing, the parents call them Mr and Mrs, never call them Sir or Madam –unless they’re army folks and are used to that. Check with your girlfriend first. Never call them by their first names until they have given you permission e.g. Mrs Black says “Call me Mandy”. And lastly – join in their small talk conversations, though as boring as they may seem –act interested.  However in saying this, don’t go over-the-top –you don’t want to look like your trying so hard to be a suck-up. In the long run, as the cliché goes: Just be yourself, relax and who knows you might get on with them really well.

2) Dress to Impress: When dressing to impress, there are a number of steps you have to take. Go easy on the cologne: Don’t whatever you do- douse yourself in aftershave or cologne even lynx included. Too much and you will be spending the night outside as they won’t want you stinking their beautiful house out. Just enough so that your smelling nice enough to give a faint hint of masculinity , and enough to allow your girlfriends parents to warm up to you in a sense. The mother will see it as nice and the father will note you have excellent hygiene. Find a scent that suits you and screams don’t I smell awesome.

Shoes:  Don’t turn up in your old sneakers or dirty, grubby work boots. Though they may be in your eyes your favourite pair of shoes, it doesn’t mean the parents are going to see it that way. As this is a dress to impress situation, you should be dressed all to the nines and not wearing holey jeans and a dirty t-shirt, so wear shoes that match your outfit. Black lace-up shoes are a definite yes as they look great with any outfit , definitely no loafers –as their for old fogies only and you don’t want to go to your girlfriends parents house looking like a grandpa.

Accessories: This doesn’t mean going over the top and putting rings on your fingers or anything to make you look a) gay or b) pimp or c) a try-hard/ wannabe gangster. By just wearing a nice looking and smart watch on your wrist, will give the parents the security that you are a genuinely hard-working and responsible person. A watch tends to give the impression that you are reliable and like to be punctual. Though don’t make it too flashy, as sometimes this can scream “I have money” and that can be a bit off-putting for the parents as it looks like you are trying to show them up.

3) A Little Bit extra can go a long way: To conclude this list of instructions, sometimes something a little extra can go a long way in impressing the parents. If they are wine-drinkers, check with your girlfriend first and take a bottle of nice wine to share over dinner if you are having dinner. Sometimes mothers are big into flowers, you could always take a nice bunch of flowers to give and put in a vase. Even a box of chocolates can go down as a treat, just as Forrest Gump quotes “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get “or in this case what the outcome is going to be.

Mission Completed: With this list of quick instructions, next time your girlfriend brings up the “you need to meet my parents” talk. You can be prepared to woo them and capture the approval of not only their permission to date their daughter , but she will be mighty pleased with you too and who knows for your excellent effort, she might just have up her sleeve a  nice surprise/treat for you.

By Paula Phillips

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