No Friends, Family, or Roommates on the First Date

Teddy Shabba

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First dates are an opportunity for men and women to get to know each other and most importantly have a good time. Now every so often on a first date planned or not women try and bring along there friends, family or roommates along.

*Under no circumstances do you allow this to happen.

If she asks if she can bring a friend tell her no and that the date that you have planned is time for you to get to know her and see if she is someone that you might like and want to get to know better.

In fact when a girl asks if she can bring a friend with her it means 1 of 2 things

   1.      She is testing you to see if you will give in easily
   2.      She doesn't like you

More often than not if it is the latter she wants to bring her friend along so that they both can have a good time at your expense.

Now, I know some of you are thinking that 2 girls are better than 1. In the bed yes on a first date no; because the friend is coming for her not you.

Sometimes you have a first date with the plan being to go over to her house watch a movie and maybe drink some wine. Once you get there however her roommate is sitting on the couch with her pajamas on wondering what movies you brought over.

Time to change plans, in fact whenever you go over to a woman's house you should always have a back-up plan, even if it's only going to the coffeehouse and having a cup or two.

If you have ever gone on a timeshare presentation you know that only married couples or single individuals can take the tour. No friends, family or roommates.

Why is this?

Because they only want to hear from the perspective buyer, someone with no stake in the claim is apt to ask questions that 1.) The buyer doesn't care about and 2.) The buyer didn't even think about. In addition 9 out of 10 times there question is not going to help make the sale.

This theory holds true for dating as well, her friends asking you questions and staying involved in the conversation keeps the connection between you and your date at a friendly level and never allows you to take it to that next level.

However after you have been dating for some time and think that she just might be the one (6 months later at least). Then you can go out with the friends and hang out if you choose, even though if it was me I would hang out with my friends instead.

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  • Pachiclon says
    Great advice!
    • Rebecca says
      Nobody wants to meet a date's parents on a first date. So I
      couldn't agree more, first dates are to get to know the PERSON, not the people behind the Person. Great article and good advice.
    • Vishaka says
      Nice article and good eye opener for some.
    • Shaun says
      too true...good advice
    • anna says
      bringing a friend along makes it more of a social thing. and the women like to ask their friends opinion after the date
    • seems great advise in the modern era
    • Hutster7 says
      If a girl turned up with a friend to our "fisrt date", i be thinking what the f**k?. Like you say it's an A to B converstion, her friend can C her way out!!
    • Aims says
      What kind of woman does this? Not me or anyone I know - how odd!
    • New Member says
      weird huh.. a date is usually two people so you can get to know each other , if she bought along a friend i would be wondering ?? umm is a threesone acceptable on a first date.i am happily married so maybe things have changed over the years
    • Angela says
      Haha this is great - pretty good advice :)
    • Jonathan says

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