Men Never Take Your Date to a Restaurant

Teddy Shabba

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Conventional wisdom will have you believe that to attract women that you like you should take her to a nice restaurant and get to know her better.

When you take a woman to Dinner the only thing that is going to happen is she is going to get a free meal; whether or not she holds it down is an entirely different matter.

In theory restraints sound like a great place to take a date, you're usually face to face, chance to talk and of course the one that has sealed the deal for dinner dates; "everybody has to eat."

Now let us look at each one of these individually to get a good idea on how useless taking your date to dinner really is.

Face to Face Interaction-

No argument here on this one, you do get to see there face after they finally put there menu down and order. Have you ever watched somebody eating or been watched. In my experiences looking at somebody eat is funny and being watched is disturbing.

Chance to Talk-

When and who your server as they come by and offer more to drink or make sure everything is ok. Even if you do manage to get a conversation going you are guaranteed to run into the #1 conversation killer that a restaurant has "the food." Yet if the food comes and you both manage to continue talking and let the food go cold; shouldn't you be asking yourself why you went to dinner in the first place.

Everybody Eats-

Sure eating is a fact of life and so is pooping and sleeping. I have yet to meet anyone who has decided to visit "The Stall" as a basis for a date and offering to sleep with someone as a date while honest would be more of a booty call or one night stand.

Considering we haven't even mentioned paying for the food and tip, what is the point of taking a woman you want to get to know out to dinner? It's safe and easy, yet is that what you really want to convey to a beautiful woman that you are safe and easy?

If you really want to feed your date, going the snack route is much simpler and affordable. Ice Cream or Coffee from StarBucks is an effective means to attract woman on a date with better results and if you play your cards right; perhaps she will cook you dinner and let you spend the night for a sleepover as well.

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  • New Member says
    I have also wanted to try restraints on the first date.... for some reason though I get the feeling this may be misinterpreted as something more sinister?
    • Rob says
      its a typo
      • The Who!? says
        Nah i reckon it's just driving the point home, you're limited once you're sitting down. If she's in restraints though... well hahah
        • that guy says
          either way it's funny - pretty sure it was intentional though
        • Brian says
          grammar's a bit 'shabby' mate

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