Using the law of attraction to attract women

Teddy Shabba

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Using the Law of Attraction to attract women is really quite simple, change your thoughts to what you want in attracting women and it will become your reality.

When it comes to attracting and having success with women knowing how the Law of Attraction works will transform your reality with women to one of tremendous success with women.

Don't get stuck on your shortcomings before you start

Most men approach women with thoughts of what they believe are their own shortcomings and a fear of being rejected. Using the law of attraction it is easy to see why, when a man approaches a woman with those thoughts, he gets rejected and many of his shortcomings are revealed during the whole attracting process.

It is what he asked for!

Now you might think that what he asked for is to Not get rejected and Not to reveal any of his shortcomings. However, an important part of the Law of Attraction to remember is that it only understands your thoughts and not the negative or positive. So when your thoughts are that you "don't want to get rejected" the Law of attraction interprets it as "wants rejection."

Jessica Alba: bringing joy to men everywhere

Another important part of the Law of Attraction is that it can take time for your request to be answered. While it would be great if you could walk into a club and have the thought that 'the girl in the red dress is going to find me attractive', even if it comes true right away there is no guarantee she will be attracted right then.

It might take two weeks and her gaining 20 pounds and getting dumped by her cheating boyfriend to find you attractive.

Instead what you want to do is create a clear picture of all the qualities that you want in a woman or women and send those thoughts into the world so that the Law of Attraction can attract her or them to you.

The most important thing is to do those things in which you find joy, and bring you joy and enjoy those moments. Too many people spend their Friday and Saturday nights alone with the walking dead and spirits (alcohol); if you truly find joy in that - great and keep it up, if not, consider doing those things that do bring you joy and attract women that way.

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