How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

Scott Patterson

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When you like a girl, it may be very hard to come out and confess it to her, so instead you beat around the bush by carrying things for her, walking her to class or home and catering to her every whim. If this doesn't give the girl the hint, you will just need to figure out a way to gain confidence to tell her. Here are some things you can do to help you along:


• Always be decent and presentable. Your first and last impressions are the most important, so before you approach the girl of your dreams, make sure you won't regret it when you look in the mirror later. Looks alone won't score you a date with her, but it will help. You will also need to be a good person. Be kind and understanding of what she needs and wants.

• Keep your confidence. Don't allow her to intimidate you and make sure when talking to her that you don't sound like a weirdo or stalker. This will definitely push her away from ever going on a date with you.

• Be prepared for whatever her reaction will be. You will need to calmly and coolly give her a response that will make her think good thoughts of you, even if she did reject your first attempt. This attitude may even change her mind.

• Practice what you are going to say before you approach the girl. Don't do it too much or you may sound like a robot. You want to sound genuine, so just keep in mind what you are trying to get across incase you freeze. It isn't important for you to know the opening conversation word for word.

• Don't have other people tell her what you are feeling. You'll get more points by being a man and telling her yourself. It's also better if you do it in person and not on the phone.

• Don't be ashamed of what other people may think. Who cares? You shouldn't.

• It is a good idea to wait until you two are alone to tell her how you feel. You can also ask if the two of you can have a moment alone now or later, this will begin the butterflies in her stomach as she anticipates what you have to say to her, especially if she already likes you.

• If you love the girl, say something like, "I've thought you were beautiful since the moment I laid eyes on you. Each day you are more beautiful and now, I just can't take it any longer. I need for you to know how I feel...I love you." It is important that you don't just blurt out 'I love you' without letting her know your feelings behind the expression. You can also touch her gently on the hand or shoulder when telling her to make it more genuine.

It is important that you are upfront a possible without being too pushy. Don't beat around the bush; you just may get the response you wanted, so why elongate the process?

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  • New Member says
    sounds like sound advice, I have tried some of this before reading it here, and it seemed to work
  • Pat says
    Nice tips. However I would go against saying the pretty speech illustrated int he last paragraph. It is always sweeter and more appreciated when someone says what they really feel without the standard and typical 'flatteners'.
  • Carl says
    You are kidding us right? Girls don't respond to what guys say, they respond to what guys do, and how guys act. Why the heck would you want to tell a girl that you like her? She knows you like her if you are dating her, answering her phone calls, taking her out to dinners. Telling her that you like her takes the fun out of it, and loses her interest. And what do you expect will happen after you have uttered those badly chosen words? A brass band to come out, streamers flying from the ceiling, and you live happily ever after? I have no idea what credentials the author of this article has, but trust me, this is not the way to go about dating realistically. Read "the game" or google for "David DeAngelo".
    • New Member says
      you don't no much about girls do you? sure girls pay attension to what you do but words are important, if you don't tell your girl they're special she'll start to think she's just a rebound and you don't really have feelings for her. sure, it might not be a good idea to confess your love straight away otherwise if she doesn't feel the same way then things can get awkward but give it time and when the time feels right go for it. don't forget that just because you're nervous doesn't mean it's not the right time to say the words, girls like to know how guys feel.
      • New Member says
        bingo we have a winner, and with most girls if they hear, or even think you like her, they will start to like you. if even in a short time. if you find signs such as staring(its probly cause she thinks your hot) , she tryies to sit near you is her hint so look closure to what she does and says. some girls have a smile or tell. last but not least if a girl try's to be around you or begins to be around you, and you like her don't move farther away every time, or better yet sit closser(or stand), it will let he know ya see her as atleest a friend, and make her wish you like her for more. if you avoid her and like her you may make her really pissed with you, because she's not hinting out of bordom, or shed be with her friends.
      • Matt says
        Heres the thing. Books like The Game by Neil Strauss and seminars by David DeAngelo are meant to get inside a girls pants without building any type of emotional foundation. Some guys are in it for the sex others are nice guys who like to date girls. In my experience women love honesty, but they can also tell you like them before you have a chance. So if you want a relationship to go further you have to ask her flat out what she feels, because she already knows how you feel. Besides that just being honest with her works well and a womans trust in you will benefit you in the long run.
        • New Member says
          yes i agree with moth of what you said, but girls only feign indifference a lot of the time because they are afraid to show how they really feel. if you ask them out and they act as if they already knew you would, it's probably because they wanted you to, or they didn't want you to feel awkward like they never expected someone like you to ask them out
        • tariq says
          hey thanks for the advice
        • tariq says
          like i said nice advice but lets see if it works. im a senior and i really like this girl but i dont know if she feels the same about me after i try some of this stuff i will leave another comment
          • Onaphobia says
            Dear Tariq, I'm hoping that you tried this and are now so blissfully in love with your girl, and she for you, that you didn't have the time to come back and tell us how it all went. Otherwise... this is just really sad!!
          • ludwig says
            thats riduclous, you dont need some thought out speech or method, if your in a relationship with someone, an honest relationship, then they should like you for who you are, when they do everything is sooo much easier. you dont have to think up some special way to tell her you lover her or like her, just let her know by being who you are and just telling her. Thats what i did and it worked great, better than great, amazing . . . . . . be who you are
          • Travis says
            heres what i found works best and this is no shit find a girl that likes the same stuff you do be distant friends then in my case say "wanna go get a beer?" in which response i already know she likes beer says "sure where you wanna go?" pick somewhere you both like and already know it then after 3 or 4 pitchers of beer when your nice and warmed up start talking about relationships. Not shit like "what do you look for in a guy?" but more like..."if i had half a chance at you...." then stop she'll either say "well what?!" or shell change the subject if she says "well what?!" be like "id go after ya" you said what you had to say in a way she could understand and usually at that point she says "whats stopping you" see if she shoots you down it was the beers fault you were half lit lol im just sayin alcohol doesnt just get you into chicks pants it could find you a relationship. but thats just me if you'd rather be like "i think your hot" shit go for it its all about what you want not what other people tell you to do
            • New Member says
              yes that would be a non risk way to get yourself a relationship... for a coward
            • Be honest, confident and stay relaxed, also a sense of humour helps a lot. Don’t try to be someone you’re not as a phoney soon gives themselves away. Girls already know you are interested, hell you are like a fly hanging around a dead carcass.
              You need to keep the conversation casual even when dating. Treat her like a lady and play hard to get if anything (remember they are doing the same thing to you), if she is interested she will soon let you know.
              But if she says she only wants to be friends then sorry bud give her some space, it’s not going anywhere.
            • Onaphobia says
              Okay, first of all, that line at the end.... NEVER use that!! NEVER tell a girl you love her unless you have been dating her for a while and are pretty sure she feels the same way. How can you be in love with her if you've spent so little time around her that you're not even sure she likes you.

              I've had people tell me they like me when I didn't feel the same way and they just kind of dropped a hint into conversation so I could either pick up on it, or laugh it off and change the subject, and generally this meant we could avoid the awkwardness of continuing a friendship. One guy really went into detail about his life, what he had to offer, and that he was interested, and that has pretty much meant I haven't spoken to him since. He was also a little weird, and really, not that much of a catch...

              But I have to say, I've never really understood the playing games thing, Clyde. I'd find that pretty annoying, if a guy liked me and he consciously didn't contact me to 'play hard to get'. If someone did that I'd assume they weren't interested and move on.

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