How to Seduce a Woman Without Using Words

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at

Most people really do not realize how important body language is when it comes to both attracting and seducing a woman. Guys are always looking for the perfect line, the perfect routine, and they really end up missing out on one of the most IMPORTANT aspects of seduction and attraction, and that is– body language.


When a man walks into a room, women start to take notice of certain things. And they do not always do this consciously, a lot of this takes place on a subconscious level.

If you want to become the kind of guy that women respond to with sexual attraction, then you cannot afford to look past the power of using body language to create that feeling.

Some body language experts estimate that body language is as much as 93% of ALL communication, so you can imagine the effect that would happen if you completely ignored the way that you hold yourself.

Here are some tips on how to seduce a woman without using words:

1. When you walk into a room, you want to appear like you OWN it.

But how do you do this? Well, for one, you want to make sure that your posture is both relaxed and erect at the same time. You don’t want to appear like you lack self esteem by looking down to the floor, letting your shoulders droop, or any other kind of body language that will give off the impression that you are a fish out of water. Own that room and let everyone know it. Women will be able to spot this, and they WILL be intrigued by you.

2. As you approach a woman, you need to be able to maintain that posture and give her a little seductive eye contact.

I cannot tell you how powerful the eyes can be when you want to sexually attract a woman. Before I ever learned just how powerful this was, I would kind of wonder what I should be doing with my eyes. They need to be soft, but still appear to masculine. They need to be inviting and mysterious. Women will tell you that a man’s eyes can be one of the most POWERFUL factors of attraction, and when you start to get good at giving her those bedroom eyes, you will definitely see that things DO get easier for you.

3. You need to have OPEN body language.

One thing that really sends a woman for a loop, is when you have your body language OPEN towards her, but YOU act a little distant. It giver her that little mixed signal that makes her wonder. She knows that she is attracted to you, but then she starts to wonder if YOU really are feeling any kind of attraction. It’s powerful, effective, and it takes some time to master, but when you do– you can seduce almost any woman that you DESIRE.

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  • DeeDee says
    ...or you could possibly just go up to them introduce your self offer to buy them a drink and talk...instead of trying to posture your body to send off might look like a twisted stunned mullet if you are trying to position yourself to open yourself to her....though looking at your picture minus the sleeping bag....I can see you may not have a problem attracting the ladies......but no about of seducing with or without words can help a guy with a beer gut, a couple of chins and a bad hair day....
    • shiny says
      deedee guys don't have bad hair i'm working on my come hither pose with my wife now definitely have to watch which finger you use..haha
      • Jabes says
        i just stand in the corner and rub my perky nips the ladies get that body language right away i find a confident semi circle to the right seems to work best if you are a touch naughty can always slip in a sly tweak and pull as well,
        • DeeDee says
 they just have comb overs and toupees lmao! you are going to try those come kiss me eyes aye? good luck....hope it works....

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