How to Make a Woman Swoon Over You

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at

Did you ever dream about being one of those guys that women just seem to swoon over? Do you think that it would be impossible for you to actually have that kind of experience? If so, then you are like most guys. See, the traditional line of thinking is that in order to attract a really good looking woman, or to have a lot of women seem like they are really into you… then you have to be rich, tall, and handsome.

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Of course, everyday you can look around and see exceptions to this kind of thinking. You will see guys that are just like you with a really hot girlfriend. Or you will see them in a bar or a club and it seems like women just gravitate towards them. Before you decide that they must have some special secret, you need to realize that they really are just like you with just a few exceptions.

Here are some flirting tips for guys that will make women swoon over YOU:

1. When you flirt with a woman, you have to ease into it, you cannot make her feel rushed.

Timing is a big deal when it comes to flirting. If you start off too rushed or you start off a little too aggressive, that can end up being a huge turn off to a woman. Work on your timing and learn how to build up anticipation and she will feel like she is starting to fall for you. That is when you will start to have women swoon all over you.

2. She needs to feel as though you are not an easy catch.

Being too easy or coming off like you like her too much is really a big NO. Why? Because it takes away some of that natural excitement that a woman feels when she’s not quite sure whether or not you want her or you are just flirting for the sake of flirting. You have to really make a woman feel like she has to do something to win you over.

3. You need to learn how to use eye contact with her so that she feels a really deep connection with you.

We’ve all heard that the eyes are windows to the soul, and you know what? Most women are really into that idea. Take a look at some of the surveys that they have in women’s magazines about what attracts them physically to a guy, and almost every time, the eyes are in the top 3. Use them. Make her feel a deep connection to you with your eyes and she will be YOURS.

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