How To Get Women To Notice You - 4 Tips To Get The Female Attention You Crave

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at

Guys want attention from women.  Sure,  you can try to appear ‘cool’ and act like you really don’t mind at all if you don’t get a lot of female attention,  but deep down,  you know you wouldn’t mind having the women hawk you.  It feels good to get women to notice you and when you can make it happen whenever you want,  it feels even BETTER!

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2k1OTYucGhvdG9idWNrZXQuY29tL2FsYnVtcy90dDQ1L2dldGZyYW5rLzA0MTIxMC9mbGlydGluZy5qcGc=For some guys,  trying to get women to notice them is NOT an easy task.  They will try every trick and technique that they ‘think’ they know,  and still,  the end up getting less attention from women than they want.

If you CRAVE to get attention from women,  then there are a few things that you should keep in mind at all times.

Here are 4 tips that should help you get clear on how to get women to notice you:

1.  Never go the “desperate for attention” route.

When you try too hard and you are too needy of a woman’s attention,  she is going to give you the exact OPPOSITE of what you want.  And even if you do get her to notice you in some way,  it’s not going to be a plus for you.  See,  when you are desperate for a woman’s attention and she knows it,  she knows that she can play hard to get all that she wants.  And you are just going to be wrapped around her finger.  Not only that,  it does not cause ATTRACTION with a woman to act like this.  She has to feel that she wants YOUR attention,  not the other way around!

2.  Learn to PEACOCK!

In the seduction and pick up world,  peacocking is when you deliberately do things to get attention.  Most of the time,  this involves wearing clothes that stand out,  having a unique haircut,  or anything else that will make a woman check you out from the moment that she lays eyes on you.  Some guys will try to dress like rock stars as a way to get attention from women and it can work.  You can also be a bit more casual and still have the same effect.  Walking tall,  with confidence,  and appearing well groomed  can be enough to get the female attention that you desire.

3.  Be the guy that makes her laugh.

A woman will notice you and pay attention to you if you can make her laugh.  I mean,  who doesn’t want to laugh and have  a good time?  When you make a woman laugh,  though,  it cannot be AT you.  It has to be with you.  So,  that dorky routine that some guys do to get laughs,  it’s not going to work to build attraction with most women.  You have to be able to make a woman laugh without making yourself look like an ass or putting yourself down in any way.

4.  Play hard to get with HER.

Most guys won’t do this.  Even if they say that they know that this works,  they will not actually play hard to get with a woman.  They are too insecure.  They are too afraid that if they don’t get right in her face and around her,  she’s not going to know that they exist.  When you play hard to get with a woman,  you cannot play so hard to get that she doesn’t even know that you are there.  At the same time,  though,  you cannot play hard to get for like a minute and then be all over her,  trying to get her to notice you,  either.

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  • charlie says
    Another suggestion...take a lady friend you get along great with to social events, bars, clubs etc. Other girl will check out how you interact with her and often make a decision on you, based on what they see. Or, take a mate with you, as you'll look more attractive to a prospective partner if you're laughing and chatting with someone, as opposed to sitting there alone and quiet.
  • New Member says
    Start a conversation. chicks who are out and about are not going to be offended by someone coming up and chatting to them. find something to talk about and avoid pick up lines like the plague

    I would also recommend having a big penis.
  • Grant says
    Whats the " point " of a big penis if the girl is petite and perhaps a virgin.
  • New Member says
    that's what men with small penises say. but to be honest i dont think the virgin vs big penis thing is a big deal (apart from the penis part). shes only a virgin once and even if you have a tiny penis its most likely it will still be average for her that first time. its more pace and putting down tracks before full steam ahead.

  • Shane says
    Another thing is dont get in the way if they have something important to do. And dont interupt them unless they talking crap but dont be to objective or put them down. Penis size is good but if its at least normal u should b sweet just a bit of touchin heated 4play with or without a bit of tounge is good u can get some chicks off good if u do it well.
    • Shane says
      That is if u get that far
    • ni4speed says
      Dress to impress, gotta have style, humble yourself and be a real gentlemen during any encounter with a woman (especially your target), make interesting conversations that leave you both asking and answering questions (coz then she will realise how of an interesting guy you are), and try notice her daily routine so you can intentionally bump or walk by her to make yourself noticeable (not stalking lol) - short summary will be "be smart and full of surprises"

      Lol at the penis size,
    • 1234 says
      Aahah sweet, sweet tips guess the Peacock thing makes sense. Kind of a funny label to put on it thought.
    • A guy says
      Give her a beer and a condom shel get the idea

    • steve says
      dont obsess over a woman, youll reek of desperation, instead develop the mindset that if she doesnt feel you when you being you good lookin charming and funny as shit self, then she doesnt deserve the cock (big or otherwise peewee)
      If you can believe you can do better, the girls will too, and everything just falls into place. BUT do iall this without being a douche.

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