How to Get Dates With Women – Are You Trying Too Hard?

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at

Guys who are struggling to get dates with women usually end up in one of two categories. Either they don’t try hard enough, or they try too hard to get women to like them. Most guys seem to end up in of these two groups if they are not getting the attention that they want from women. Luckily, no matter which group you may be in, you can find your way out and start seeing some drastically different results right away.

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Let’s take a look at why it ends up being a fault to try too hard to impress a woman. For one, it sends out the message that you may not really be up to her level, otherwise, why would you have to try so hard to win her over or to impress her? Another thing is that it automatically puts you in the pressure position, because you start off the situation as being the one who needs to qualify yourself to her approval.

Yeah, you probably were taught that trying really hard to win over a woman was a good thing. I can remember back on all of the cheesy sitcoms that I grew up watching, the good guy who tried too hard was always the one who ended up being the guy who got the girl. Problem is, that was television and it does not really work out like that too often in the real world.

What works better than trying too hard and what will actually help you to get dates with women?

Start off any interaction with a woman you like as being on her level and without the desire to try so hard to impress her. Countless times women have stated emphatically that it actually is a turn off when a guy is putting in way too much effort to try and impress them. So, don’t bother going down that road. Not only that, make it a practice to get the woman in a position where she is qualifying herself for YOU.

Think about it like this. If you were a guy who was already doing well with women, would you be trying so hard to get attention from a woman? Probably not. And if you were not trying so hard, wouldn’t women see you just a little bit differently?

Most men will never allow themselves to be on the same level as a woman they really like.

They will always put themselves in a position where they feel like they have to always impress the woman they want in order for her to like them. You can be different. You can be one of the few guys who gets it and understands that he needs to be on the same level as the woman he wants. And when you do this, getting dates with women will be easier than you ever found it to be before.

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  • Miss Coral says
    Personally, I love it when a man puts in lot of effort. Lets me know that he is into me and is trying.
  • JohnGx says
    I think one of the main things to prove to a girl (and not all girls require this - but alot will) is that you have a life outside of her. You have things in your life which fill up your schedule and that you think about besides her.

    • Wice says
      Sorry, totally disagree and I don't think this is good advice. Is this some sort of “let’s play hard to get” theory? What sort of relationship are you after!

      As a member of the female gender, I can say that most girls enjoy being the centre of a guy's universe. That is not to say girls like being smothered, just to know that they are important and can count on their boyfriend in a special way – that they are up their with his other number one priorities.

      As for advising that guys have to “prove” they have a life outside of their girlfriend, this is not the case. Unless they are total whimps, most guys do have a life outside of their girlfriends. Of course they have interests and other friends. They would be pretty dull if they didn’t. When you care for someone special, you try to put their needs before your own. Part of what makes a guy attractive is the effort he will put in, his thoughtfulness and the fact that he wants to be with his girl – not ‘proving’ that he has other things to do - like watching football, going to the pub and definitely that he doesn’t have time to think about her all the time!

      Going back to the article, the idea of levels is foreign to me. Some guys come across as dorks, others are cool, others friendly, others duh! It’s not about levels or looks, just be yourself because for every person I am convinced there others who will find them ‘perfect’. Just take a look around. The richest, poorest, ugliest, meanest, kindest, thinnest, fattest, puniest, muscliest, dumbest, cleverest, suavest, rankest… they all came from the union of two people – maybe the richest, poorest, ugliest, meanest, kindest, thinnest, fattest, puniest, muscliest, dumbest, cleverest, suavest, rankest…! Life and relationships don’t stop just because people aren’t your particular idea of perfect.
    • New Member says
      women are much harder to meet nowadays, especially that many of them have a very serious attitude problem.
    • DeeDee says
      best policy is just to be yourself, don't try and play yourself up when really she probably wants someone who is comfortable in their own skin, a bonus would that you have a job too. I think most women know what they want and tend to be protective if they know that you are trying to pull a fast one, most women are pretty intuitive, just be yourself and treat us well that's usually a good recipe

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