How To Deal With Women Who Dont Like You

Teddy Shabba

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A common question that men ask me is; “How do I deal with women who don’t like me?”

Of course, the women that they are referring to are ones that they wish to attract and in many cases have actually gone out with only to discover later that for a variety of reasons she simply doesn’t like you.

Unfortunately whether you like it or not no matter what you do, some women simply aren’t going to like you.

Now, it is true that odds are that there is another version of you that a woman who currently doesn’t like you might be more likely to like, but you are who you are and changing yourself for a woman who doesn’t like you is a really disempowering way to live your life.

In other words, as a man, it should be your goal to always be continuing to improve yourself in a way that makes you proud to be whoever you are in that moment and willing to accept the fact that some people aren’t going to like you.

Once you can develop this kind of inner confidence in yourself you will be amazed at the amount of quality women that are attracted to you because every part of your being is who you say you are; rather than being the kind of guy who attempts to change to a woman’s liking.

In the end, the best way to deal with women who don’t like you is to treat them the same way that you would treat anyone else with whom you are rather indifferent to, which is hopefully with kindness and respect.

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  • Walker says
    Your articles are slipping!
  • Jocko says
    I have some suggestions for here...
  • Brian says
    Teddy, perhaps you could do an article on the effects of medication and sex life. Diet has already been well-covered, both on here and online generally, but many people are unaware of the effects certain medications can have on an otherwise normal and healthy sex life.

    I think the majority of articles in Frank are great.
    Not every article will suit every person, but even if one or two help someone, then it is well worthwhile.

    I had a medical misadventure back in 1997, and have since been through two more operations, finding best treatment for migraines, and finding new foods to replace gluten-based foods in a new diet for health reasons.

    I suspect my son's drinking is at least partly due to a longing for more gluten, as it is in beer, and he doesn't have it in many other foods he eats.

    It would be great if many further, deeper studies were done on gluten.

    Keep up the great articles Frank...still many more topics to be covered.
  • Nos4R2D2 says
    I find it is better to avoid people who don't like you because the feeling is usually mutual.
  • arturs says
    just ignore them and don't care-you don't need to be worry about that-its no your problem,and you feel better....
  • Wice says
    My suggestion is just stay true to yourself. Be yourself, just as you would with another man or woman who did or didn't like you. No need to be especially nice or nasty. Just let it go. Don't over-analyse and don't look upon it as some kind of challenge.

    According to my web search, there are 6,729,018,915 people in the world, if we assume half are women, there are 336,3547,277.5 women in the world. You'll find one you like and that likes you sooner or later!

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