How to Attract Women and Not Have to Spend a Fortune

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at

Most guys seem to end up with the impression that they need to have a lot of money that they can blow in order to really attract women. They start to add up all of the costs of traditional dating, and next thing you know, they end up a little discouraged when they realize it can end up costing a small fortune just to try and get a woman to fall for them. To that I say… NONSENSE! Of course, it helps to have some spendable money. Just like it would help if you owned a Mercedes convertible or a Ferrari, but it is not a necessity., by any stretch of the imagination.

I can remember a time not too long ago when my financial situation was a LOT tighter than what it is now. I drove a 15 year old Volvo and barely had more than a little bit of cash after the bills were paid. Yet, I was still able to have no problems at all lining up dates for the weekend, and I had friends that were quite the opposite. They had nicer cars, much more spendable cash, and they had very few dates at all.

So, don’t think that it is impossible, because it is NOT. Like Slick Rick, the old school rapper once said, “Even in a Yugo I can take their woman from them.”

Here are some tips on how to attract women and NOT spend a fortune:

1. Buy clothes that are timeless.

A friend of mine spends a fortune every year on new clothes, because he thinks that he has to be one of the “trendy” guys in the club. So, when one year’s clothes are no longer in style, he has to go out and buy the new ones that are. Right now, he basically dresses like he belongs on The Jersey Shore, and when that fad passes, he will have to spend hundreds of dollars more to “update” his wardrobe. If you buy clothes that are pretty timeless, then you don’t have to worry about that, do you?

2. Be creative when you take a girl out on a date.

Near where I live there are quite a few State parks, and these places are great to take a woman. They all have beautiful scenery, they all lead to the Hudson River and have great views, and best of all, they don’t cost a thing to go there. Even women that don’t seem like they would enjoy the great outdoors seem to love these kinds of dates, and you can spend a couple of hours without spending a dollar on her.

3. Get HER to pay for YOU.

Women hate to hear this kind of thing, but let me tell you, it works all of the time. Especially when you are dating a woman that is “modern,” she will gladly pay for some of the dates. A couple of my buddies used to think this was impossible, till they saw it happen. There are many times when, if the woman offers to pay for something, I let her. It gives her the feeling of equality, the feeling of independence, and she doesn’t feel like you are trying to “buy” her affection.

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  • Deanna says
    LOL.... this is quite funny, cos all it takes is that you shower and brush your teeth before a date, go out with the attitude for having fun.... and pay attention.... dressing smart, doesn't mean designer brands, it just means make a bloody effort... clean and neat clothing... oh and don't wear thongs, tiger print underwear or jandals.... eugh!!! And no... getting her to pay doesn't cut it, but in this day and age, why not pool you funds for the night out...!! and the biggest no no, do not be to demanding, over bearing or needy....
  • Jackson says
    I've never been one to splurge huge amounts on a date, i don't think any modern woman really expects you to buy her things, in this day and age they are more than likely to be earning just as much if not more than you are. Just being myself and treating her with respect has got me far (currently engaged) without treating her like her company needs rewarding. I know one female friend that on being taken out to dinner was offered the most expensive bottle of wine, then taken out and showered with flowers,chocolates etc and the only affect it had on her was to wonder what he was expecting in return. The biggest turn on is being yourself, let your personality and humour shine through, in the end that is what will make an impression.
  • janine says
    Lol A man just needs to be tied, loveable, thoughtful to get a date. These days its not about money or what you can buy her. A simple romantic walk on the beach, a candle lit dinner at home, a dvdv on the couch would do fine.
  • Paul says
    Its the little things that turn woman on. Massaging their feet, running a bubble bath, helping with the kids. If you give her some attention the she will give you lots of attention and you will spend quality time together. Now that our kids are older its nice to spend some alone time together when they are at school. You have to make the time
  • Renee says
    It is great when a guy spends more time than money with you I think. It shows you he is interested in you and not with just trying to impress you. My man has his time and then he has family time so he's not just giving me money and spending weekends with his mates. He is a great father and knows how to balance business and pleasure and always knows how to make me feel special without spending a cent!
  • Alex says
    Let her pay for you... I like it!! To be fair it is all about give and take I guess.
  • Cindy says
    I'm a bit old fashioned and would kind of expect the guy to pay on the first date - that would show he's not "tight" but I'd be more than happy to pay for the 2nd date! as for gifts's more the special things which cost nothing - these mean more...material things don't mean that much. So guys! the nice gestures, being a gentleman....but keeping it sexy too! naughty and nice....:-)
  • Peter T says
    My date is going to pay for me if she wants to go somewhere expensive!!!
  • Rk says
    Not so sure about the pay thing,maybe once your in a commited relationship, but not in the eraly stages where your still trying to attract the girl.
    Otherwise all it takes it just being a clean smart savvy person, who does lie through there teeth.
    Dress nice, dosnt have to be upmarket cloths,
    Smell good, you'd be surprised how well something as simple as lynx work (africa gets alot of complements), dont need to have an expensive cologne
    Cheap dates are good date,
    go for a picnic, a bike ride, a hike in the ranges. Would be much more personal and will get to spend quality time together
  • Andrew says
    Where was this article five years ago...

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