Ultimate outdoor dating

David Williams

Resident 'Bear Grylls' for Getfrank.

The introduction of the date will generally start with picking her up (in a clean car, not like the getfrankmobile...) and driving to your date location. Use this time to break the ice and start some topics that can be picked up later in the date to avoid awkward silences. Music is always a good topic because the car stereo should be playing softly in the background. Do not mock her tastes, just understand them and figure a way they can relate back to yours.

She will ask, “Where are we going?” so you can make this into a bit of a flirtatious game by dropping hints and making her guess, but make sure you keep the mystery alive. The next sequences of events are all building up to a climax and this is the ‘getting to know each other stage’. Unfortunately fellas, this stage is all up to you. The environment and outdoor activity will certainly help your cause immeasurably, but this is when you have to just take consideration of the do’s and don’ts of our previous article and then be yourself. (I cannot stress enough the power of situational humor; everyone loves to laugh and this will dramatically aid in this stage’s success, resulting in her warming to you much faster.)

The climax of the date needs to both surprise and impress her. This may be because of the picnic you have organised, climbing up to a lookout for sunset, or hitting the last section of rapids on a canoe trip. What ever the climax may be, it is important to capitalise on her receptiveness during this fleeting moment of elation - some form of physical contact (holding her hand) can have profound effects. The climax is your trump card, so do not pull it out too early in the date; about two-thirds of the way through is a good guide.

Towards the conclusion of the date you will both be trying to read each other and piece together information to form an opinion, this is why it is important that you have not revealed too much about yourself so she will be unable to do this. Play it cool as you’ve already done the hard work. After the activity if you are going to dinner or a meal, it’s usually good to go to a reasonably casual, inexpensive location as this will flow better with the vibe of the date.

I have constructed three possible date scenarios for your initiation:

Scenario 1:

Surfing is one of those sports that 90% of women will say, “I have always wanted to try that”. There are two ways this can be done; if you know how to surf and have a long board you may want to take them out yourself and teach the basics. When using this method an evening sunset session on the West Coast will go down a treat. Make sure she does not get too cold and remember she will be exhausted after a couple of hours.

'Where do you put this wax?'

The other option is through one of the surf schools which can offer a pick up-surf lesson-drop off service. The social environment of the bus is a great ice breaker, and a nice packed lunch will be much appreciated as surfing is hungry work. After you are dropped off or the session is over then a nice casual meal will top things off perfectly, (note to Aucklanders: Mexicali at the Viaduct is great - who knows where the night can go from there) but not takeaways, a nice café or cheap ethnic eatery is a good choice.

Check back next week for scenarios 2 & 3...

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