Guide to the ultimate outdoor date

David Williams

Resident 'Bear Grylls' for Getfrank.

As outlined in our first instalment the ultimate outdoor date leaves her surprised, impressed, made to laugh - and most importantly - left wanting more. While remembering every good date has an introduction, climax and conclusion, I will further investigate the formulas and necessities to perform the ultimate date outdoors. 

When planning your date outdoors there are important environmental elements which must be considered. These include: the time of year, weather forecast, hours of sunrise / sunset, and conditions of location (accessibility, walking track conditions, flooding etc). These elements are fundamental to dictating the success of your date as the majesty and unpredictability of the weather will either set an indescribable mood that can not be created by words or actions, or a relatively expensive few hours of frustration resulting in one less number in your phone.

In the outdoors, just because a spot has been magical in the past does not guarantee the certainty of a repeat performance. Think about a desolate West Coast lookout during sunset, where a slight Southerly breeze inches her in that little bit closer, creating one of those moments that is truly dignified with speechlessness. But the same spot the next day could offer twenty knot winds, pouring rain, and embarrassingly erect nipple exposure (usually mine), resulting in the profound speechlessness being replaced with the ever sensual chattering of teeth.
There are also safety factors to consider when planning your date. Safety concerns include the personal ability of both the people on the date, and any other parties involved. Do some research into the activity you wish to partake in, find out whether you need professional instruction, and if your date will physically enjoy and benefit from the challenge. Without giving too much away find out if she has already done what you have planned, but throw a few hints of different ideas to leave her guessing.

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  • Dead says
    Nick has a point.

    Honestly, if you are gonna ask ur date "where u wanna go honey?" and then take her someplace YOU wanted to go to....

    Finding out where ur girl loves to be ,is the best !
  • Dead says
    By the way, I personally love walking in the rain..

    somehow nothing beats that..

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