Fun Conversation Openers That Make Women Interested

Scott Patterson

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nullFor many men, trying to start a conversation with a woman is one of the most nerve wracking things to do. For many men who are meeting women for the first time, trying to come up with conversation openers on the fly can be nearly impossible. Sure, they "Hi, how are you doing" is the standard opening for any conversation, what comes after can be a gigantic blank spot to nervous men around the world.

Fortunately, there are millions of questions out there that could act as great conversation openers. While it may seem awkward to seek and rehearse conversation openers, it is important none the less; first impressions are everything. By knowing what you want to say, you will come off as cool and collected, an important trait for a first impression. Here are some example conversation openers that you can look at and possibly use the next time that you are trying to pick up a number at a bar

The key lesson here is to think outside the box

What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

Going back to younger times can be one of the greatest ways to catch the attention of woman that you are meeting. While asking them what their favorite childhood cartoon may seem like an awkward conversation starter, it serves an important purpose; most people are fond of their childhood. This will put someone in a good mood, and can be a great way to jump into a conversation full of stories about Sunday morning cartoons and favorite characters.

What is your favorite word?

It is fair to say that asking someone their favorite word may come across as awkward and 'intellectual', but it can be a great way to get someone to think. This gives you time to compose yourself and relax as you wait for an answer. If you like to switch it up a little, ask her what her least favorite word is. Many people may not have a word that they love, but nearly everyone has a word that they cannot stand. Make sure to think of your own answer to respond with.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Most people like to travel, and while everyone may not be able to travel as much as they would like, nearly everyone has a place that they would love to go. Don't worry; you do not need to know anything about the country they answer with. While that may help, the idea of travel will spark conversation. If you do not know much about the country, ask them why they want to go, and what is special about that country; they'll love to talk about it.

Conversation openers are an easy way to get a conversation rolling. You cannot script or choreograph an entire conversation, as conversation rolls naturally. The important thing is to get it started off right. You might know what you can talk about, but using a conversation opener that is bound to get the woman you are talking to to talk is key to starting off a great conversation.

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  • Keinzley says
    hmmm.. I see that being a plane crash... "hi.. how you going? Btw.. wats your favourite word?"
  • it dosen't matter what you say, just how you say it. if you come up with one of those lines like you have grabbed it off the net and its your only ticket to getting a girl... you are doomed. a women will place more importance on body language and voice tone. the key is confidence not arrogance humor without being a clown and indifference if your body language says to a women i'm am unsuccessful with all woman and i am desperate to be successful with you she will be gone like a fart in a wind storm. and for god sake don't kiss there ass (maybe that night) if you are a wimp who agrees with everything she says and lavishes her with drinks and gifts she wont want to have sex with you she wont trust you to protect her and she will assume that you a failure. i prefer "hello my name is _____ " .... then hold your ground show that your the man, it will be powerful she will feel it, and your in!!!
  • Simon says
    I think its important to show empathy. Remember, every girl wants someone who can understand them! Ensure that its all about them. Compliments also help a lot! There isn't one women who doesn't like to be told she's looking good.
    • New Member says
      The problem with paying women all compliments is that they are so used to having Guy after Guy coming up to them with compliments. They will tune you out. A beautiful woman is used to getting all the attention. If you come up with a general question then give them a slight negative comment like wow your left hand looks bigger than the right hand. They will become self conscious but then follow it up with a compliment. In the long run it will get u farther. I'm not saying be mean like wow your face looks hideous with that zit. Make it something you can recover from

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