Can you still find a date in the pub?

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It can’t be true.  Another disappointing night out! Either you didn’t see/meet anyone woman of interest OR you did and she just wasn’t that into you.

Frustration, despair and that old feeling of “Is there anyone right for me out there?” comes up.
Is there anything you can do differently when the usual places to meet a date aren’t working anymore?  Do you completely give it up in disgust OR can you remedy this?

Of course you can!

There are so many things you can do to change this situation around.  The easiest and simplest way forward is to adapt the activity you’re involved in so it’s working more in your favour.
Let’s take an example of this.  What if you have for years met women in bars and pubs? Now as you’ve got older and your friends have paired off, you’re finding that

•    You’re not meeting as many singles in the same bars/pubs that you used to
•    There are single women there, but at a different age group to you or not interested in you
•    You can’t get many or any of your friends along with you

So what do you do?  Bars and pubs could still be a great avenue to meet other single women.  However, it’s about adapting and changing the situation around to your benefit.  This takes some creative thinking and brainstorming to see how it could work to your advantage.  Some quick solutions could include:

•    Checking out if your local pub/bar has specific nights or times of the day when women in your age group (or the age you wish to target) are more likely to attend
•    Checking out if they have singles events
•    Checking out other pubs/bars in your region that might have singles events or other women attending in your age group (age you wish to target)
•    Checking out if pubs/bars in your region have a variety of activities that could encourage socialising and potentially meeting other single women – e.g. pub quiz nights, speed dating events
•    Attending your local pub/bar less regularly and adding in other activities where you could meet singles
•    Organising your friends/family members (single or paired up) to get together at your local bar/pub and for each person to bring along at least one single friend – try and get a balance of single women and men
•    Befriending other locals at your pub/bar.  You might be surprised to find that they have another single friend/sister/cousin/colleague etc who could be a good match for you

The list goes on.  The more you think about one single activity that you could adapt, the more you can start to create new ways of coming across someone special for you.  Yes you do have to brainstorm.  You may need to get assistance to do this part of it.  But either way, there can be very positive spin-offs for you.
Add into that the desire and motivation to make those enquiries and changes, put in the effort and take action and you should see some of those usual places that weren’t working for you anymore, work to your advantage.

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  • Scott says
    Having managed a pub in Hamilton for the last couple of years I can say with all confidence that you can pick up woman at your local pub. The pub I manage is by no means where the beautiful people hang out, it's normally full of old drunks, but Friday, Saturday nights and sunny Sunday afternoons often see some talent come out of the woodwork. Coming from a sober point of view I think the biggest problem Kiwi guys face in picking up a woman in a pub comes down to who they are with and their behaviour. We all know Kiwi blokes have a problem with drinking and the number of guys that arrive as nice people and leave as drunken no hopers is laughable. If you head the pub try laying off the sauce if you want to pick up a date, theres nothing worse as a barman then seeing some idiot trying to ask a girl on a date, spitting at her while he talks with a big beer stain on the front of his shirt, not going to happen buddie. But in saying this it seems to work for me as the girls next stop is the friendly barman haha so keep it up boys.
  • Smilz says
    all i can say is that there is a definite different between picking up a chick at a bar and MEETING a chick at a bar.

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