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Chris Tyler

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One of the things that I see happening amongst guys that are kind of at their wit’s end about figuring out how to get a girlfriend is,  they end up thinking that there is a lack or a scarcity of attractive women that are out there.  And I have to say,  that my experience has been the complete opposite.  And compared to most guys,  I have higher standards.


So,  what makes the difference?

In the self improvement world,  there is a lot of talk about having an attitude of abundance,  and having an attitude of scarcity.  Those that believe the world to be abundant,  seem to have an easier time attracting all of the things that they want in life.  And those that seem to think everything is scarce seem to have a hard time.

How does this relate to getting a girlfriend?

Well,  when you think that there are not enough women out there,  you are going to start to get a little desperate.  I mean,  a lot of guys have told me,  that there just are not a lot of attractive women out there.  Like I said,  my experience has been the exact opposite of this.  And if you believe that there are not many attractive,  available women out there,  the minute you come into contact with one,  you are going to feel like you have to hold on to her.

What happens when you try and hold on to a woman too tightly?

She usually leaves.  If you are in a relationship and you hold on too tightly–  you are the jealous and possessive type.  If you are in a club and you are trying to hold too tightly onto a woman’s attention–  you seem desperate and a little too needy for her.  And she will usually walk away and hope to find another guy.

You have to get rid of the scarcity mindset that makes you believe that there are not enough women out there.

Do yourself a favor sometime,  and just really take a look around.  Take a trip to a crowded shopping mall,  to a museum filled with people,  anywhere that a lot of people are congregating.  Look around,  and just become AWARE of how many attractive women there are.  I have to tell you,  sometimes it seems like there are just too many,  and not enough time to date them all!

Find new places to meet women.

I got up with a friend of mine not too long ago,  and we have kind of gone our separate ways over the years.  Well,  like most guys,  he seemed to be having a tough time meeting women.  So,  I invited him to go out on a Friday night,  and hit the clubs that I usually frequent.  This guy’s jaw practically dropped to the floor when he saw how many hot women were in there.

His problem was not that there are not enough attractive women,  he was just looking in ALL the wrong places!

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