5 Ways to Open Up Your Chances of Meeting Women

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at www.geturgirl.com

There are lots of things that guys who are struggling with their dating life complain about,  and one of those things is meeting women.  It’s kind of hard to even imagine yourself doing well with women if it seems like you cannot even get to the point where you are actually meeting new women.  You can learn all of the techniques and tricks for building attraction with a woman that you want,  but if you don’t have any women to try them out on…  how can you expect to have any kind of luck?

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Of course,  it’s not always as easy as just saying to yourself,  “Hey,  I need to meet someone.”  There are so many variables that can come into play for that,  it’s kind of ridiculous to think that you can just snap your fingers and make immediate changes.  For that reason,  I thought I would explore 5 ways that any guy can meet women so that you can get some idea of how to expand and open up your chances.

Here are 5 ways to meet women that you should take advantage of:

1)  Join local groups that are based around hobbies and activities.

I used to scoff at this suggestion,  probably because it just did not sound sexy enough.  However,  there is something to be said for doing this.  When you meet local groups that are based around hobbies and activities,  not only is there a very good chance that there will be some women there,  you also get the chance of expanding your overall social circle which can lead to many more opportunities down the road.  And if you do happen to meet a single woman while you are there,  you already know that you will have something in common with her.

2)  Join a local gym or fitness center.

This kind of coincides with the suggestion I made above,  however,  there are some added bonuses to focusing on joining gyms and fitness centers.  One,  if you actually do go on a regular basis is that you will get in shape.  That can lead to better self esteem and a better overall look.  Two,  is that any woman you meet there will be into staying physically fit herself,  so you can kind of expect to find some pretty attractive women there as well.

3)  Network through Facebook and other social sites on the internet.

Here’s the true power of these kinds of sites.  It’s not about trying to run a line on a woman from the comfort of our home.  It’s about using it to network,  the way that these sites are meant to run.  By joining in on conversations that friends of yours are having,  you get the chance to possibly mingle with their friends that you may not know,  and that can expand your social circle.  And the bigger your social circle is… the more likely it is that you will end up meeting a woman who you find appealing and attractive.

4)  Move to another town or city if you have no luck where you currently are.

Here’s the truth about some places where people live.  The possibilities are limited.  If you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and you just cannot seem to find someone new,  maybe it is time to give some though to moving somewhere else.  You may not like the idea at first,  but in time,  you just might find that a change of scenery was all that you needed.

5)  Make it a goal to introduce yourself to 1 new woman every day or every week.

So many guys are stuck in their little shells and they wonder why it is that they are not meeting anyone at all.  Well,  if that is the case for you,  challenge yourself.  Make a goal to meet or at least introduce yourself to someone new every day or every week.  If you really stick to this,  then there is no way that after a few months you would not have eventually met a woman you can click with and who is single and available

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  • kimberly says
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    • JasonMantis says
      Fantastic Kimberly, spam us with a UK dating site. That's gonna work.
    • How about going back to basics, can't see why they still won't work:
      1. Talk to them, don’t be shy most of them won’t bite.
      2. Be yourself and enjoy yourself.
      3. This may be hard, but guys need to listen to what they have to say.
      4. Don’t drink big time or you’ll blow it.
      5. And Douglas “get a perm”
      • JasonMantis says
        I think your missing the point here Clyde, this article is aimed at those sad bastards, sorry.. ahem, those unfortunate guys that are unable to actually MEET women.

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