5 Best Bars in NZ for Meeting Women

Remuera Don Juan

The Remuera Don Juan is an Auckland based,  self proclaimed "Lover of Women." For questions, compliments or complaints, direct your messages to remuera.don.juan@gmail.com 


Shadows Bar

Level 3, Student Union Building, Princes St, Auckland City


I should be clear that I'm not recommending you go here if you're not a student, but if you are, or you have a friend who is, then Shadows Bar is the place to be. The décor is perhaps a little “Once Were Warriors Pub Redecorated”, but there is something worthwhile happening every night of the week. It's very easy to make friends, just try to get away from the “what do you study” conversation as quickly as possible.


Hummingbird Cafe, Bar and Club

22 Courtenay Place, Wellington


Hummingbird has a great atmosphere – that's probably why they've been regularly nominated for the “best ambiance” award at the Felix Hospitality Awards. The serve a wide array of classes drinks, though I'd have to specifically suggest the Don Quixote (not just a countryman, but a very good drink). As with any bar, you'll be more comfortable if you've been there a few time. Visit on quieter week nights, figure out the layout of the club. You'll naturally be more relaxed and appear more confident and attractive.


Bungalow 8

Cnr Customs Street West and Market Place South, Auckland Viaduct


Bungalow 8 is a lively and popular bar. The style is different – apparently based on a New York / West Coast theme. The bamboo roof gives the feel of tropical party, with a slightly quieter deck area. The main feature of this club is the long serving bar. Try heading over to the opposite side (away from the busy entrance), order yourself a drink (Try a Mai Tai) and just sit their enjoying it. Before long, an attractive young lady will stand next to you (she's probably ordering a drink). Simply turn your head and ask her how her evening is going...



Mexican Cafe (Christchurch)

110 Lichfield Street, Christchurch


The Mexican Cafe in Christchurch is modelled on the successful bar in Auckland, but has it's own distinct character and feel. Many nights will have live Latin music and dancing. Try one of their Mojitos, or a good Mexican beer like Dos Equis. It is always very worthwhile investing the time in some dancing lessons. In my opinion Salsa is the best bet – it tends to attract younger people (as opposed to Tango) and provides the perfect excuse for getting out and meeting new friends.


Rakinos by you.

Rakinos Lounge, Bar, Cafe

35 High Street, Auckland City


Rakino is the name of an island in the Hauraki Gulf. I'm not sure if the bar is named after it, but the bar is an island in a sea of average venues. Traditionally Rakinos is a bit of an alternative styled place, with lots of cool cats and some sexy kittens. If you're a smoker, you can head out to the balcony overlooking High Street start a conversation with an interesting stranger.

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  • James says
    Hummingbird Cafe??? Im sorry really really wrong, its a nice place, very classy but unless your looking for 35+ women on the TGI Fridays then this isn't the place.
  • Karl says
    you forgot globe bar in auckland. its the ultimate meat market
  • Dan says
    KC's / K Sleaze / Aka the Ultimate Fish Market - Dunedin. I've traveled far and wide worldwide and there isn't no easier place to get mangled and drag home a feral, and feral needs a disclaimer; make sure you're heading on home to there place and/or you have an exit escape for when you do sober on up!
  • Gavin says
    Where is good in Wellington?
  • Graham says
    What about Providors? (Nick name Provide-a-****)
  • Tim says
    hummingird is cougar city
  • Topher T says
    Haha Hummingbird definitely seems to be more of an older crowd, not old old but older. Mind you depends how old you are, some fellas could go in there and be more than happy with the prime fillies :) I agree about Mexican Cafe too having originally lived in Chch, it's a funky bar and absent of the pretentiousness some bars ooze
  • Stu Lainen says
    lol @ shadows, people still go there?

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