Win A Stingose Spray For Your Stocking

It’s great to stuff Christmas stockings with everything you need for a fun, relaxed and enjoyable summer. That’s why you need Stingose in your stocking!


Stingose minimises pain and itchiness from an insect attack or jellyfish sting. We know nothing kills summer fun faster than an itchy sea lice attack, nasty wasp sting, or unbearable mozzie bite – so make sure the whole family has Stingose at the ready, so you can kill the pain, not the fun.

This wee bottle of magic works on just about any annoying things you might come across on your next beach trip: from ants and bees, to wasps, sandflies, sea lice, vines, nettles, mozzies and jellyfish.

Stingose provides fast, effective pain relief within minutes; minimises itching, swelling, blistering and inflammation; and cleans the skin from sunscreen and oils, which allows the medication to work faster.* In other words – no more tears from the kids, next time a stinger strikes!

Stingose targets the source of the reaction by breaking down the venom and toxins to reduce the allergic response. It has been trialled and shown to provide complete pain relief in 99.94% of cases.*

So make sure you have Stingose in all your Christmas stockings this year, and have really happy holidays – uninterrupted by itches, scratches and stings!

Available as a spray or gel from pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide, RRP $14.99.

GetFrank has 2x Stingose sprays to give away. To enter simply comment below then head over to our Health & FitnessForum to make a decent contribution to finalize your entry. Make sure you check out next weeks Newsletter to see if you're one of our winners.


Winner(s): Ginaaaa & WryRhie

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  • Charchar says
    Been told this is the stuff I need for when next go camping.
  • The Pom says
    Stingose does exactly what it says on the tin - the sting goes amazing product.
    There's nothing worse than scratching an itch & it won't go.
  • Doug says
    This is what i need!
  • Peter T says
    Awesome. Count me in !!!
  • David says
    This stuff sounds like the answer to my insect bites every summer. Insects reckon I'm tasty
  • trev23 says
    This would really come in handy over the Summer.
  • jb2610 says
    I would love to try this.
  • teejay says
    I've heard that this is a great product.
  • lr says
    Prevent that itchy scratchy feeling!
  • New Member says
    A great product in time for hot summer ahead.

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