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Smirnoff Unleashes #PurePotential

Smirnoff sees the potential in any ingredient to make a great drink – in fact, it sees the potential in everything around you from sidewalks as dance floors, jars as glasses and elevators as the start of an office romance!

It’s a lot easier to make a drink than you think and most of the time you can find all of the ingredients you’ll need right in your kitchen. Coffee, fruit, milk, sugar, soda water… ice blocks? They’re all perfect mixers to work with Smirnoff vodka – that leftover stick of celery could be the start to the best Bloody Mary you’ve ever had.

Smirnoff’s Pure Potential encourages people to be imaginative and creative with Smirnoff by using with items from the fruit bowl, supermarket aisle or fridge.

With Smirnoff’s bartenders on stand-by, instagrammers will be encouraged to take a picture of the limited ingredients in their fridge and use the hashtag #purepotential. These bartenders will then help create an amazing drink using what they see; revealing the potential a bottle of Smirnoff can release.

Lana Blair, from Smirnoff says: “Smirnoff has a history of seeing the world differently. #purepotential is all about experimenting with new flavours and discovering just how easy it is to make the perfect cocktail at home with Smirnoff vodka.”

So impress your tastebuds this summer by whipping up some super easy and delicious cocktails using Smirnoff vodka and everyday items you can find in the fridge. 

You can also jump on Smirnoff’s handy instagram page or website for more cocktail ideas.



To celebrate Smirnoff Pure Potential, Getfrank has  two cocktail sets to giveaway, each including a boston shaker, boston glass and a jigger. To enter, tell us what's your favorite cocktail drink and why.

Make sure you check out next weeks Newsletter to see if you're one of our winners.


Winner(s): Buckchoi & vipermike_nz

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  • Judy says
    White Russians and Black Russians because they are delicious :)
  • Buckchoi says
    Harvey Wallbanger, because it's simple to make and goes down well!
  • jb2610 says
    Black Russian because they taste fantastic
  • Witch one says
    Mojitos, they are so refreshing and so easy to drink although I cut the vodka down from 50mls to 30mls. Also the flavour of mint is nice. A great summer drink.
  • Whiskey sour - easy to make and make any whiskey fantastic :)
  • Smirnoff and Red Bull with crushed ice the ultimate Frozen Drink for those hot summer bbqs with family and friends.
  • Millsey says
    Had a night on Long Island Iced Teas, this weekend - that's a new favourite, it gets your engine purring
  • David says
    A Bloody Mary especially in the morning after a hard night on the tiles. The tom juice and celery are more healthy than you realise.
  • A Mint Julep, the lime taste is most refreshing during the summer.
  • RW says
    Not much of a cocktail drinker but the Mrs loves her Mojitos.

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