Win a California Sandbag Summer Revival Pack

Sad that summer is over? Are you looking at the back yard and think, if only I had something to entertain me now that the weather has turned to sh!t.

Fear not! California Sandbag has teamed up with the enlightened Lucky Buddha Beer and RED Vodka + Energy to bring you a special prize pack that will quench your social thirst.

California Sandbag is NZ's newest Social Sport brings hours of entertainment for the consummate social enthusiast as well as the ultra-competitive. Challenging, while at the same time providing a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, skill levels and degrees of competitiveness.

The California Sandbag Summer Revival Pack consist of:

  * 1 x Beautifully handcrafted California Sandbag Board and Lob Bag Set
  * 2 x 12 Packs of the fresh, light and punched with effervescence - Lucky Buddha Beer
  * 2 x 4 Packs of the Super Charged RED Vodka + Energy. Some have said that this drink could be described as your hot ЯED headed neighbour... true story.

Prize pack value: $340RRP

Enter the draw and round up some mates, as this prize pack is guaranteed to entertain. Simply head over to our  Suave Forum  to make a decent contribution to finalise your entry. This competition will run for two weeks so you will have more time to join. Make sure you check out our Newsletter to see if you're one of our winners.

For more info check out these awesome websites:

Drink responsibly and Bag On!


Winner(s): TommyTyrant

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  • Gscas says
    Definitely one for the cul-de-sac to play next time we have neighbourhood drinkies, what fun!
    • peter says
      How do u enter>??
      • nzbear says
        Looks great fun indoors in the hallway in winter and outside on the drive or footpath in summer, might get the neighbours interested and together.
      • peter says
        How do we enter??
      • Gonzala says
        This looks like an awesome prize pack!
      • PArry says
        Would love to win, but have no idea on how to enter.
      • peter says
        So we just comment on the Suave forum ?
      • Millsey says
        Can feel a mid-winter party coming on....
      • Cindy says
        wow this would be wicked, good to surprise my man with!
      • Onaphobia says
        A summer revival is EXACTLY what we need! It's one of those days I'm glad I'm not a posty!!
      • trev23 says
        Fantastic prize
      • kevin says
        I wonder if i'm lucky and get to drink lucky

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