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The festive season is upon us and come rain or shine (or torrential downpour for that matter), Blunt umbrellas are the perfect stocking fillers for Christmas.

Whether you’re at the beach, bach or overseas – there’s a Blunt umbrella for everyone. Unlike other umbrellas, which can be pretty flimsy and normally end up breaking and being thrown away, Blunt umbrellas are built to last - thanks to its revolutionary award-winning design.

Blunt Classic – RRP $99.00

Classic by name, classic by nature – the original Blunt umbrella that’s been engineered for extreme performance. The perfect companion for summer storms!

Available in: red, orange, yellow, mint, blue, pink, black, grey, forest and navy.

Blunt Lite + - RRP $129

The perfect umbrella for a Kiwi summer; not only does it protect you from the odd spot of rain, but for the beach lovers among you, this clever little brolly also blocks out 99.99% of sunlight and more than 99% of the damaging ultra-violet stuff!

Available in: black, blue and pink.

Blunt XS Metro – RRP $79

Ideal for commuters who need a ‘just in case it rains’ umbrella, that can be easily stored away in a handbag (or man bag for that matter).

Available in: red, orange, yellow, mint, blue, pink, black, charcoal, grey, forest and navy.

So stop wasting your time trawling the shops for gifts, reach for a Blunt this Christmas!

GetFrank is pleased to offer our viewers a chance to win a  Blunt Umbrella. To enter simply comment below to make an entry. Make sure you check out next weeks Newsletter to see if you're one of our winners.


Winner(s): Gonzala

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  • Raven says
    It would be great to have an umbrella that you can take out in all wet weather and not just the rain with no wind variety.
  • trev23 says
    The best umbrella I ever owned was a Blunt...they are awesome
  • Peter T says
    Awesome. Count me in !!!
  • Onaphobia says
    That is awesome. Umbrellas are essentially useless in blustery Hamilton. Would be amazing to have a strong one actually designed for more than a shower. No one wears jackets any more...
  • Shaun says
    I hear Blunt umbrella's are awesome. I'd love one, we get alot of rain up north here!
  • David says
    Please enlist me to trial the Blunt brolly in Wellywood. I'll let you know if it passes the ultimate test.
  • Judy says
    These are great! And, you can't accidentally poke anyone's eye out with a corner :)
  • Grant says
    wow a blunt umbrella just what I need.
  • monstar says
    I live in Wellington so this would come in very handy.
  • Timotheus says
    Lost my camouflage umbrella in the bush. Probably should go with something bright like red.

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