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Grey skies outside? Bored with soup? Want your dull winter day to be a little more…inspired? Word on the street is that Subway® Restaurants’ new Three Pepper Chicken Sub will make your taste buds tingle!

Made with succulent 100% chicken breast coated in lightly peppered breadcrumbs this delicious new Sub is made the way you like it with your choice of sauce, salad and freshly baked bread. It’s so good it’s got people talking!

Want to warm up your winter’s day? Get Frank have 5 cards loaded with $20 to give away to 5 lucky winners.  To win simply comment below. Winners announced in next week's newsletter so make sure you check to see if you are a winner and claim your prize!

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  • Cindy says
    Love a good 12 inch now and again!
  • Dave says
    Subway is great anytime of the year, so filling and tasty... would be nice to have a voucher card of $20 to try this new Three Pepper Chicken Sub.. yummy... Cheers!
  • jade says
    Subway's real handy when you're in a new town, or airport - always tasty and fresh
  • June says
    My favorite food and oh so healthy. The best take a ways of the lot.
  • Trav says
    that new chicken sub sounds amazing!!!
  • becskirk says
    I love subway. Fav is meatball. Maybe this could be my new fav sub?
  • Hook me up I need something diff for tea please! Noodles soup or pies just doesn't cut it
  • Gonzala says
    This looks really tasty. Chicken subs are the best!
  • thornberry says
    we love subways & would love to try this new flavour. they are filling tasty & healthy all in one what more could you ask for, unfortunately we have moved & can't afford them much any more so this would be a great treat especially for my son who misses them. even the subway staff miss us. so would be a nice win
  • queenie says
    i love subway i love subway i love subway i love subway i love subway, now what did I forget to say, oh yes, I love subway & i miss it sooo much since we have moved would love to win this to keep my tummy happy thx

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