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Those little balls of fluff mean everything to us. That’s why pet care company, Purina, is launching Fancy Feast Mornings - a new, tasty and luxurious breakfast meal that’s nutritiously balanced and offers your precious feline friends the purrfect way to start their day.

Fancy Feast Mornings provides cats a delicious breakfast experience they can enjoy alongside their owner, to make this ‘special time’ even better.

Every pampered pussy cat will love the Fancy Feast Mornings range of gourmet breakfast medleys and soufflés.  The meals look so scrumptious you could be mistaken in thinking they can be eaten by humans!

Made from the finest quality ingredients, cats won’t be turning their noses up at the flavours on offer, which include combinations of wild salmon, white meat chicken, turkey, garden veggies and egg – yes, egg!
Available from your local supermarket or pet store.  RRP $1.55.
0800 PET VIP

Fancy Feast Mornings has teamed up with Get Frank, to offer five lucky readers the chance of winning a Fancy Feast Morning pack, consisting of:

 - An egg carton, containing the three new flavours of Fancy Feast Mornings

 - A keep safe coffee cup, so cat owners can breakfast together with their cat

 - A flip book telling the Fancy Feast story

To enter, simply comment below and tell us about your little ball of fluff. Make sure you check next week's newsletter to see if you are a winner and claim your prize.


Winner(s): skoota681, New Member(smudge0358), Christi(the.nelsons), Stephan(sunflower80) & stugibson

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  • skoota681 says
    Our Cat Charlie has been with us for about 3 years we got him from the SPCA and we have moved three times he has never gone missing, he is a good mouse catcher and friend
  • H. says
    will have a talk with my cat and see what he says about this price
  • Katy Mac says
    Our four boys would love to try this for brekkie
  • New Member says
    My two boys cannot be fooled. They turn their noses up at most other wet foods, but they enjoy the Fancy Feast varieties. The only one I have trouble with is Fish and Shrimp, because I have to mince up the pieces of shrimp.
  • allie says
    My 2, Gidget and Percy were 'rescued' from the SPCA, and they have been the most loyal loving pets ever. When I was recovering from a brain tumour, I'm sure they knew I was sick, cos they hardly left my side :)
  • Christi says
    Our little 'fluff ball' is on her last legs, poor thing. She was abandoned in the country and made it on to our property. Took about 6 months of wooing before she would come in. She is a HUGE fluff ball too!
  • My darling cats are 13 and 11. The younger one Amber loves to eat more then anything. She would be thrilled with this prize.
  • Judy says
    Our ball of fluff is Daisy ,an SPCA rescue cat.She is 10 and quite vicious but she is a member of the family and we love her very much :)
  • Bengee93 says
    My ball of fluff would love to try this he's begging me to win this prize for him.
  • SJPONeill says
    Can dogs at this?

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