Win with Danny's Pita Bread

Have a warmer winter with Danny’s Pita Bread

Danny’s Pita bread is a great addition to winter meals as it is delicious when warmed, fresh, healthy and incredibly versatile. Cut into wedges and serve on the side of a main meal, scoop or dip into stews and casseroles, or add pita crisp croutons into soups. For more information, visit

We have one long life hamper to give away, containing:

 - 1x Danny’s original olive pita bread

 - 1x Danny’s original garlic pita bread

 - 1x Danny’s Garlic & Sesame pita crisps

 - 1x Danny’s Onion & Poppyseed pita crisps

 - 1x Danny’s La Mediterranee range Italian pita bread

 - 1x Danny’s La Mediterranee Moroccan pita bread

 - 1x Danny’s La Mediterranee Turkish pita bread

To enter, simply comment below. Winners will be announced in next week's newsletter so make sure you check to see if you are a winner and claim your prize!

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  • K Scott says
    These look really good yes please
  • Bozhena says
    Seems to be a yumm grab!
  • teckiwi says
    yum, looks good for soup
  • The Pom says
    Shalom to Danny's Pita Bread.
    I always try to get Danny's Pita Bread whilst out shopping, most times I'm unlucky because they are usually sold out.
    So the rest of us are left with the non-splitting correctly, tearing, bland, generic supermarket brands.
    A 'real' pita bread is always the beginning of a great dish.
    Grab a Danny's Pita variety then plan the menu around it.
    Disappointed? never
    You're welcome!
  • yummy
  • New Member says
    Love stuffing these full of meat and veg
  • liam says
    danny's garlic pita are the tastiest
  • ray says
    yummy for my tummy?
  • b says
    yes please
  • wayne says
    danny's pitas are damn tasty

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