Win the board game Market Share

If you’re looking for a fresh and exciting alternative to your weekly poker game then look no further – Market Share is the new board game designed to bring out the entrepreneur in you. It will test your business acumen and financial literacy and is the perfect way to determine who, among your friends and colleagues, has the skills to pay the bills and who should stick to their day jobs.

The game is uniquely kiwi and features a range of real New Zealand businesses. As you begin to build your empire you will need to consider components such as strategy, risk management, budgeting, asset planning, negotiation and cash flow – just as you would in the real world.

Entrepreneur Nick Hindson developed the game as a means of teaching New Zealand generations about business and financial literacy. Hindson’s own experience in the business world taught him that a lot of small business owners are brilliant technicians but they aren’t necessarily accomplished managers or entrepreneurs. Often, they don’t know how to manage people or finances or risk so things gets overlooked and businesses fail. With this in mind he designed Market Share to help people develop these skills.

So in the name of research - light a cigar, pour yourself a cognac and challenge your friends to a game of skill, strategy and chutzpah. The beauty of Market Share is that every game is different so there is plenty of opportunity for rematches (and refills.)

Warning: Market Share may bring out the competitive nature in players. Market Share accepts no responsibility for heated debates, arguments, injuries or loss of friendships that incur while playing.

RRP $89.99 each. Available nationwide at The Warehouse or  

Get Frank has 2x games to win! To enter, simply comment below. Make sure you check out next week's newsletter to see if you are a winner and claim your prize.

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  • The Pom says
    My family would abuse me just like they do with Monopoly (stuck with gas works or in jail)
    Yes this would be their cue to bankrupt me, I'm surrounded by Bernie Madoff's!
  • Marley says
    This would be great for family game night!!
  • Dave says
    Wow, this looks awesome and entertaining, not only for mates but for families... I grew up with the monopoly board game, and we still love them... this new Market Share board game will really be a hit... Frank, please share us one... Cheers!
  • rps says
    Great prize - count me in please :O)
  • Animus says
    this looks fun.
  • Rachsta says
    This sounds like me, what a great idea.
  • Darren says
    I would love this!
  • Flashgg says
    This will certainly give Monopoly a run for it's money and might teach me how to play the stock market...I do like a challenge
  • Kiwi Gas says
    This game looks the business - would love to give it a go.
  • Doug says
    Could this be a bit like monoply?? because if so i love games like this!

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