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NZ’s most successful sushi company, St Pierre’s Sushi, who introduced Kiwis to sushi in 1984, have revolutionised the fast food market once more by being the first major fast food chain in NZ to offer free-range chicken on their menu!

St Pierre’s new free range chicken sushi options are just another example of the company listening to what their customers want - from a taste and an ethics point of view.

The company, which has 40 sushi outlets in New Zealand, introduced free range chicken to the menu across all stores this month, alongside its standard chicken sushi varieties. Already the feedback has been that while the conventional chicken option is tasty, the free range offering is even tastier!

St Pierre’s is a NZ owned family-business that uses highest quality natural ingredients sourced from NZ and Japan.  

We’re giving 4 lucky winners the chance to win a $20 St Pierre’s sushi voucher by simply commenting below.
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  • akong says
    the sushi -- really creative way to present food, healthy, for sharing, on the go and filling. would love to win this!
  • Bengee93 says
    yummy prize I love sushi
  • Bengee93 says
    I love St Pierre's Sushi
  • Sam says
    I love St Pierre's Sushi they make the nicest sushi
  • yohan says
    I had St Pierre’s new free range chicken sushi last wek and it was one of the best sushis I have had. I only wish there was a St Pierre’s closer to me so I dont have to travel so far.It is by far the freshist and tastiest sushi around. Well done.
  • Dave says
    Wow Frank... my partner is really a sucker for Sushi, specially this St. Pierres' so it would really be appreciated if you can spare/share us some $20 voucher for this St. Pierres' Sushi... Cheers!
  • rayy says
    love these guys
  • Judy says
    Beautiful food in taste and appearance :)
  • rodney says
    I just love Sushi, please let me win!
  • allie says
    I love St Pierre's sushi, and am so lucky they have a store just up the road from me :)

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